Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Brazilian Food

Here are some of my favorite types of Brazilian Food:

 Bife a parmeggiana: Breaded beef with sliced ham and cheese. Cooked in a tomato sauce. 

 Bolinhos de bacalhau: Cod Fish balls. Seriously! A must try when out for beers. Great with olive oil

 Pastels: The above kind come with cheese or meat. A great snack morning, noon, or night. Best when bought at the farmers markets.

 Chicken hearts!

 Cozido: Meat and veggies cooked to death in a big pot. Can't explain it and it's an exact science. Eat at a good place because there definitely are good and bad cozidos

 Picanha: Only the best meat ever. Eat it rare and let the juices slide down your neck.
 Mmmmm Meat!

Classic rice, beans, and farfoa: Only Brazilians could manage to make something so simple taste so damn good. Regardless, I still can't eat it every day. 

Panquecas: Kind of like a blend between a super weird pancake used to roll enchiladas in.  I rarely get to eat this but I love it!  You can also eat your panquecas with basically anything else in the fridge.


  1. Haha. Now if only I could find a good feijao recipie.

  2. hmmm I need a pastel now :)

    Some of my fav: strogonoff de mignon com batata palha e arroz , garlic picanha e mignon with bacon , torta de camarao e palmito,
    and lets not forget the desserts!! brigadeiro , bombom de morango , torta de maracuja!

    ps: as far as I know "bife a milanesa" is just breaded beef. "Bife a parmeggiana" is breaded beef with sliced ham and cheese cooked in a tomato sauce. At least in Curitiba that is.

  3. Love it all. yum, yum, yum. Add in the fresh juices, and my all time favorite, queijo a coalho, the lovely churrasco cheese on a stick. Oh my word, best food on earth. Seriously.

    Oh, and favorite beer (answering you here instead of over there) - Bohemia. But I recently found out it is made with imported ingredients, so is it still Brazilian???? I don't know.

  4. Pastel with cheese, palmito and onions topped off with a vinaigrette. I can't eat often but man when I do, it's a piece of heaven.

  5. Thank you Anna! I had totally blanked on the name and went with the closest thing. Going to fix it now.

    I love anything with Catupiry too!

  6. Thanks Rachel, water boarding me would have been less painfull :)
    Oh boy, I seriously miss Brazilian food...

  7. Funny, I don't really like any of these, except maybe the bolinhos de bacalhau. My faves ('cause you're dying to know, right?!): Pao de queijo, caipirinha, agua de coco, coxinha, brigadeiro, and mousse de maracuja. Oh, and I agree with Heather, I LOVE queijo coalho. Yummmmm.

  8. Tracy, you know me well because I DO want to know everyone's favorites!

    I LOVE Pao de queijo. I felt I needed to narrow it down to food because then it just gets to be too big of a post. I also adore brigadeiros!

    Reader and Tracy - I only do the queijo coalho occasionally. The sponginess is strange to me!

  9. Sorry Gil and Ray! Will you be back soon to fill your food needs?

  10. I want to come for a visit now !! Except the chicken hearts that I can skip :)

  11. Have you had chicken hearts? They are seriously more amazing then they are scary.

  12. Rachel,

    We don't have a date yet, but we are seriously focused!
    You will be among the first to know when we do :)

  13. Rachel, a well cooked queijo coalho should not be exactly spongy. Hot, fresh off the grill is key. If it sits at all - yuck. Crispy on the outside, gooey yumminess on the inside. Holy cow, so very good.

    Do agree on the chicken hearts - not nearly as scary as they seem. My oldest son loves them.

  14. Luiz is the master at making panquecas. Quick and always perfect.

  15. I am literally drooling. I used to bartend at a brazilian restaurant. It was amazing. WHat I woudl do for some Pichana and black beans and rice right now! They also used to make this weird "cowboy mix" with tomatos eggs rice chicken - it was so simple and good.

  16. Baiao de Dois (with grilled cheese and carne seca desfiada). Best meal ever on planet Earth.

  17. Let me say something different than all the positive comments :)

    Brazilian good is all except good. I've been travelling around the world, lived in 5 countries & 4 continents.

    I'm a European born Belgian/Italian, compared to the breads, meats, cheeses, wines, chocolates, pastas, fish dishes they serve in the basic restaurants in many European countries even the top Brazilian restaurants serve bad quality food.

    I'm used to fly to Argentina for some good meat and often go to Sao Paulo as they have more quality restaurants. The only real good restaurants (such as Olympe, Fasano al Mare) have... European chefs & import many ingredients.

    Ps Bacalhau was used in Europe during the world war, but is now mainly used in... dog food. I never get why people like it so much. Try a nice tapa made with fresh ingredients, accompanied with a Belgian beer (or Bohemia if no other option) or a glass of wine during the colder months in Rio.

  18. Giovanni, Rachel is talking here about regular everyday simple food. Meu... vai catar coquinho.

  19. to Giovanni - Bacalhau is not dog food in Portugal at all...sorry my friend. its everyday food and also served in top restaurants in europe