Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mark Zuckerburg in control of Brazilian beef prices?!

Mark Zuckerburg is deciding the price of meat at my local Brazilian grocery store!

While cruising Supermercado (supermarket) Zona Sul, I saw that a great promotion on filet mignon. It was a brand that is normally quite expensive but with the discount was definitely worth the purchase. I grabbed the goods and went on shopping.

I finished up grabbing the odds and ends on my list and headed to the checkout line. I watched as she scanned the "on sale" meat. It did not show my discount. I pointed it out to her and she said it must not be on sale then. That kind of thing annoys me so I told her I no longer wanted it and maybe she should have someone go take the promotional sign down.

Upon further investigation, we were both wrong. Apparently there is a Facebook page for Zona Sul and if you are friends with them you get special discounts! I was horrified! These people are on Facebook and they are not my friends nor have they liked my blog?! That's it, they aren't allowed to scan my bread, butter, and deli meat any longer.

Seriously though, I was quite surprised. Facebook discounts for filet mignon. Random! Of course I looked for the group, community, or whatever else it could be on and it is nowhere to be found.

Have you heard of this? Do you know where the page is?

And more importantly, are we ok with Facebook taking over the world? Personally, it makes me a little nervous. 


  1. Oh My God. So now even your grocery store is going to see your embarrassing party photos.

    P.S. I love the picture! ;)


  2. Strange! I haven't noticed any FB/ZS promotions or discounts...but I did friend the small FB ZS page that I found, just in case I'm missing something. Good for you for putting it back. I hate being ripped off and being stupid enough not to pay attention or say something, good for you Rachel! Now onto this FB mystery!! I will pay attention tomorrow at ZS.

  3. What scares me the most is the fact that Mark Zucherberg is a complete idiot, and when idiots take over, things get ugly.

  4. First they scan your card to tie all your purchases to your CPF (personally, it scares the crap out of me how easily Brazilians give out their equivelent of the SS number. I cringe when I hear them saying it out loud at the register to save 10cents because they forgot their card).

    Now, they want to tie everything to your whole profile.

    I hate Zona Sul.

    Their prices suck but their promotions are soo good sometimes that Im sure I'll get dragged in to friending them from my phone in the store in order to save. (Then I'll defriend them until the next sale).

  5. Anonymous,

    You have to keep in mind that you can't still a Brazilian's identity with their CPF/Social Security Number.
    The Socail Security Number is only used for the owner's identification, period.
    It is a different system than in the US, having someone's number is worthless if a crook is trying to still the person's identity.