Friday, April 15, 2011

Night Out = Morning Hell

I have a thing where after a couple of glasses of wine the next couple go down like oxygen. I get to a point where my old school partier nature rears it's multicolored head and senses fly out the window.

Oh not those senses, the a 5th glass may not be a good idea sense. That and the you don't chain smoke so why are you doing it now rational.

Of course I never take the Brazilian golden drinking pill engov because I'm not planning on having that much.

And now I have a smidgen of a hangover. Personally, I like to think of it as a hangunder. I'm dragging myself around like a lead footed obese gorilla.

So up and at 'em senseless woman. At the very least, the kids may get a McDonald's lunch out of all this. 


  1. That's funny about the McDo lunch. At least you can get a good coffee there.

  2. You made the long trip worth it! But yeah the 6am wake up thing didn't work for me either, and I stuck with iced tea all night! To be re-done again, just maybe not too soon haha ;-)

  3. Rachel,

    You should try engov sometime, it makes a huge difference, one before you start and one after you drink... ;)

  4. maybe your mil or grandmother has some special brazilian drink with sugar and onions (or something to that effect).

  5. Nope, no help here! I just woke up from a nap and I ate a big salad with some ice tea. Usually that helps.

    Jean, I did make it worth it! Note to self though, can be a little more controlled and it'll still be worth it lol.

    Oh and totally took the kids to McDs and they ate like 5 fries and were over it.

  6. Sand can be spotted on the "blank" foot.
    Humn, perhaps it's better not to ask...

  7. Born Again... I recently posted about the magic Brazilian drinking pill.

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