Saturday, April 30, 2011

Recipe: Stuffed Pumpkin!

Not only did I get a WONDERFUL long weekend away with friends this Easter, I also got a great new recipe! Stuffed pumpkin!

My friend, and fellow blogger, broke down how you make this tasty (and very pretty) dish.

For starters you need a pumpkin. Since I baked the above pumpkin for just me and Mr. Rant, I purchased a half a pumpkin. Over Easter my friend bought a full pumpkin and cut it in half to create two to stuff.

So put your pumpkin half(s) upside down on a baking sheet. No need to take out seeds or anything. It's easier after baking.

Leave pumpkin on low heat (about 180 degrees C) for upwards of an hour. Be careful not to burn it or to take it out too early. If taken out to early the pumpkin meat is kind of hard.

That leaves the filling. I like to think of this as a junk pumpkin. You can fill the bad boy up with anything you like! In the above pumpkin I used a yummy combo of leftovers.

It has: Bacon, spinach, ricotta, pesto sauce, capers, 7 grain rice mix, olive oil, salt, and pepper.

When you make your filling, pre-cook whatever needs to be cooked. I fried up my bacon pieces then mixed in my spinach to cook it. I then added the pesto sauce and capers and let that simmer. I mixed in the olive oil and ricotta with salt and pepper. At the very end I added in my already cooked grain mixture.

Mix the filling well.   Once the pumpkin is done in the oven, carefully pull it out and scoop out the seeds. Put your mixture into the center of the pumpkin and pop back into the oven for another 5 minutes or so.

Take out, put on a plate like the above picture, and serve!

Yummy, pretty, and you look like freaking Martha Stewart! 


  1. Dude I can't believe you have shared my recipe without linking to my blog....I might have to start ranting myself!

  2. I do suppose you are right. The awesomeness of the recipe does deserve a tag back.

  3. love stuffed vegetables of any kind!

  4. After you filled the pumpkin with the stuffing did you put it in a cast iron vessel before popping it back in the oven? The pic seems to indicate so but I can't tell? If not what kind of bowl did you insert the pumpkin into?
    Thanks for sharing BTW.

  5. You put it back in, open side up with stuffing inside, on a normal baking sheet. In the picture I have it on one of my plates. The pan is just there out of laziness ;)

    The pumpkin should be a half pumpkin, including skin and such. It acts as it's own bowl!