Friday, May 6, 2011

Hot Brazilians for your Friday!

Iodeyo Mayami, Garota de Ipanema, 1966

It's Friday. We're headed to the weekend. I figure, why start your mini-break with a little eye candy. Everyone loves some eye candy and Brazil happens to be a factory that makes it!

Henri Castelli, The future Father of my illegitimate child

For the Men: Juliana Paes



  1. 1. DANG I want a butt like that!

    2. Oh PLEASE say he isn't gay! Give me some hope.haha.... Regardless..he is HOT!

    3. Thank you. I'll begin my starvation diet now. :P

  2. No, I will not submit my photo for your next hot Brazilian Friday ( I got the subliminal message behind this post).

    Btw I always pose this question to my male friends: who do you prefer, Samantha from "Bewitched"

    or Jeannie from "I Dream of Jeannie".

    The rational behind asking this is :if you prefer Samantha then cuteness is more important to you than sexual appeal, if your choice is Jeannie then the opposite occurs.
    My predilection is for Samantha. So perhaps a "cute taste of Tuesday" should be featured once in a while. If so I vote for the cutie below to be featured.

    A cute weekend to all.

  3. NICE - I love me some eye candy -- but why do you assume the last pic is for men only?

    It's a big wide world out there...

  4. Yes it is Jim. And you are right. I actually thought of you when I posted the picture of my Henri up there. Maybe I said for the men because I don't want to share her with other ladies ;p

  5. Gritty: You always find the hidden meaning in things! I will wait for your photo for the next cute taste Tuesday ;) Until then, maybe I will put up some of the cuties. There are a lot of them down here too!

    Shay: Totally straight and totally mine! lol

  6. Jim,



    I appreciate you recognizing the worthiness of cuteness.
    Btw would you agree that, in translation, cutie=graciosa? It seems right to me.