Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Pepperoncinis

I was given pepperoncinis this week. I know something that simple should not be a big deal but let me explain.

These pepperoncinis had to travel to get to me. They originated in Greece and were imported to Finland. From Finland they entered into a backpack of a friend of a friend who illegally flew them into another country. Thank goodness for lazy TSA agents, people who understand which rules really should be broken, and Greek farmers.

I now have a small tupperwear in my fridge with these green peppers of goodness. I am temped to put them on anything and everything. It's almost as if they have induced pepperoncinis pregnancy type cravings. I'm tempted to even try them on my ice cream.

It's pretty sad.

But it has been the first time in years that I have had a decent one. Their spicy goodness add life to my routine of salty rice and beans. And while I'm sure they are sold in some hidden spot here in Rio de Janeiro, I have yet to find them myself.

I imagine some stand in a back alley with illegal watches, knock off purses, and a pile of pepperoncinis.

One day I will find this man, befriend him, and buy his entire stock.  I will consume so much that Rio de Janeiro will smell of my spicy gas. It's only a matter of time.

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  1. Uma dica nordestina para o feijão: Acrescente lingüiça, bacon, folha de loro, pimenta e outros temperos! Seu feijão vai ficar uma maravilha, e você pode sair da rotina adicionando ao seu feijão quase de tudo em relação a carne e temperos =P

  2. omg i just LOVE you! enjoy every bite and promise me you will make a pizza of some type and put them on top to get all crispy and juicy. yum.

  3. I just love pepperoncinis. Now I'm craving pizza too because they are so good with pizza.

  4. Alisha, will make the pizza! I'm waiting for a Finnish friend to send me her fabulous recipe for thin crust pizza!

    Elle, me too!

    I'm thinking a pizza party is in order!

    Plugadão - we went to the feira de São Cristovâo today in an attempt to get some spice :)

  5. Rachel,

    You will probably find pepperoncinis at a Mercado Municipal or stores that sell imported foods.
    Gil loves these darn little peppers so bad he will go thru a jar per week.


  6. Now I feel really bad that anytime I've ordered cheap pizza from Papa John's that comes with pepperoncinis. I just throw them in the trash unless my husband is around. I'll have to save them for you and smuggle them into Brazil. BTW, did you change your blog around? The design looks different or else I just don't pay close attention.

  7. You should feel bad! I love those thing, though I must be honest. When in the states I go straight for their butter sauce. I have no idea why I put on so many pounds when I was there...

    I occasionally change things around. I'm trying to fit everything in :)