Thursday, June 16, 2011

10 Things They Didn't Tell Me About Rio

1. That when they said that there are a lot of hot people at Posto 9 in Ipanema they weren't exaggerating!

2. That living here would make me miss super lame things like quality Tupperware and cheap zip-lock baggies.

3. That some Dude with pineapples on his head selling, you guessed it, pineapples would scare the absolute crap out of me while sitting on the beach!

4. That I'd be less internet and tech savvy than my Brazilian friends.

5. Not to mention less stylish.

6. That I was supposed to look cute to go to the gym! Sorry, that is one thing I refuse to adapt to.

7. That it's actually comfortable to run on the beach in a bikini. I do have to thank genetics for that one as I sport smaller breasts just like many of the sporty Brazilian ladies.

8. That I can bring my kids to the bars. Hell, I can bring them to bars, restaurants, music festivals, art shows, and any other "adult" activity.

9. That rice, farofa, potato salad and meat make a complete meal. Personally it sounds like a gassy constipation making machine but it seems to work.

10. That I would fall in love and lose my will to leave. 


  1. 2. That is really true, people in Rio are more into alternative packaging such as newspaper or metalic paper. I am one of those, but I have to admit that nothing beats the good old zip-lock bag

    6. This is also true to us guys. Wearing your old school shorts and that trashy shirt you never wear outside will make you look like a sad, crazy dude. Specially since 80% of the guys there just go to the gym to socialize and stare at themselves (and the others) on the mirror

    9. I miss that a lot

    10. I can't wait to come back to my crazy old Rio

  2. What's wrong with the dude with pineapples on his head ? Can you clarify that pls ?

  3. You should've saved that picture for one of the "Brazilian Hotties for your Friday" posts

  4. Anita - he's a classic in Ipanema. He goes up if someone isn't looking and yells Abacaxi! Everyone else watches.

    Danielle - Damn good point!

    Bernardo, where are you?

  5. 1. My first apartment I rented on my very first trip to Rio last year was one block away from Posto 9. Sadly it was in November though so I didn't get to see all the hotties that would have been there in the summer.

    2. You would die if you saw the entire storage building I have of Tupperware. I was a Tupperware agent when my children were babies. It's the only thing I admit being a hoarder with. I'll fight you if you try to go ot of my house with a piece of my tupperware! LOL My name is in permanent marker on every bowl and lid.

    3. I think I remember seeing this guy once but it was just in passing.

    4. That would be hard for me because I think I'm pretty tech savvy.

    5. Less stylish...well, depends on the Brazilian they are comparing me to because I've seen some that are stuck in the USA 80'

    6. Oh I'm that CRAZY woman that puts on a full face of makeup just about, including lip gloss, and dresses just to go to the gym. LOL I can't help it...really...I just feel better.

    7. Now THIS I would NEVER do...only because I'm not fortunate enough to have the body I did before the kiddos so no way! I'll keep my flabby stomach and fat hidden in my clothes thank you very much. After my tummy tuck and boob lift,

    8. OMG this is so true! At a bloco I was so shocked to see all the little kids playing with CONDOM BALLOONS! People around here would DIE!!! just Die! HAHAHAHAHAHA

    9. Oh it's a gassy combination me! LOL

    10. I feel in love for sure and didn't want to leave but had to. I long to come back every second of every day. :(

  6. I know, I know the types. Does him scare you ?

  7. He literally screamed ABACAXI when my back was turned and screamed the crap out of me.

  8. Sorry, but the Abacaxi man sounds too funny!!! lol...

  9. Rachel,

    Tupperwares are OUT!
    Pyrex are in, Pyrex are the new black! :)
    We have replaced all of our plastic type tupperware containers for glass Pyrex with leads.
    I think Pyrex are not expensive in Brazil, not sure, but I also don't remember if they have the ones with the leads.


  10. The pineapple guy thing is funny. I would have been scared too.

    They didn't tell me it was going to be cold in the winter. Well, they did. But I didn't believe them. Correction - they didn't tell me I wouldn't have heat in my apartment in the winter.

  11. Hey Rachel,

    I'm in France now to finish my engineering studies. Already started to prepare myself to come back to Rio. I noticed that living here and comparing these different realities made me realize how Rio is an amazing city, even though crazy and not at all easy to live in. But in the end, it's Rio and it is all I need. Can't wait to be there again.