Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gay vs Cousin Marriage

My Blogger buddies Ray and Jim posted an interesting link yesterday. As it turns out, more US states allow cousin marriage than gay marriage. Apparently we have more fear of same sex unions than we do 6 toed children.

In Brazil things are a little different. Cousins can marry and gays have the been rewarded the same legal rights as a married couple.  Given that's not exactly the same thing, but still it's a step in the right direction.

But this is not the point, I have the solution. The Gay cousin marriage! In Brazil they would be super human in their rights and have more bureaucratic paperwork than ever before.

In the US, it would shine some light on the idiocies of the system. Our power couples may not have the right to marry as a homosexual couple, but don't they have a right to marry as cousins?! Who is the court to deny that right?

It should be noted that Vermont and Massachusetts allow both cousin and gay marriage. Either they are very progressive states or are a bit kinky. 


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  2. At this point, I don't care if you marry your grandma! Ok, I take that back. That would be kind of creepy. But while we are at it, let's fix the immigration system too.
    Leon was denied a U.S. tourist visa. Why? We don't know because they don't TELL you why. Every document he had, every bit of proof of strong ties, very fluent English, you name it and still denied.
    Just an honest Brazilian wanting to come and visit the U.S. for two weeks. No wonder so many people enter into the U.S. illegally. They make it so that you almost have to. The horror stories I have heard are amazing. Ok..I'm off of my soap box about that. Back to the subject. lol

  3. Well, Rachel, it's OBVIOUSLY because people marry their cousins in the Bible, so that makes it OK. Men can also buy women from their fathers, and marry two sisters at the same time, and impregnate their wives' maids. We should make all those things legal, too!

  4. I impregnated my maid. Is there something wrong with that? And I have no sisters so what if Mr. Rant wanted to marry my brother? Is that Kosher?

  5. Touche Danielle.

    I remember having a student in Brazil who married her cousin (maybe second?) and they had problem getting pregnant (big surprise). But luckily her daughters seem fine.

    I know a Brazilian here in Orlando who married her cousin. Her real real cousin, like her mother's brother's son. She told me she was nervous about having kids because she'd be afraid that her children would have medical problems. Um, you think? I know she'd applied for residency through marriage to him. Will they allow that?

    By the way, I think it's awesome that Brazil gives stable union visas and allows gay couples to be together legally!

  6. It's outreageous, Rhode Island has been trying to approved SAME SEX MARRIAGE since 1996, the o'mighty and powerful New England Catholic Church has been stopping law makers, year after year.
    If you are scratching your head asking yourself if it's the same Catholic Church that did NOTHING or too little when they found out about all the children abused by their own priests, YES, its THAT SAME CATHOLIC CHURCH.
    NOW, the big argument HERE, in Rhode Island, is that the CATHOLIC CHURCH is saying ok to Civil Unions, NO GAY MARRIAGE yet, BUT, THEY ARE FORCING THE STATE of RHODE ISLAND to include a clause that GAY COUPLES will NEVER have medical rights as a marriage couple inside ANY of their many CATHOLIC HOSPITALS in the REGION.
    So, if I marry Gil in Rhode Island, I wouldn't be able to make any medical decision for him as his partner/husband, not in Rhode Island, not inside ANY of the MANY Catholic Hospitals around here.
    We would never be able to be buried in any religious Cemitery in the region and would also be barred from a few other stupid religious instituions around here.
    NOW, HOW Christian is that? :(
    But God forbid Bubba and Bubbate want to marry and have 16 toed children, that is Ok, yes, they can also marry in Churches, use Religious Hospitals and Cemiteries. UGH!!!


  7. By the way, I read yesterday that 1st cousins who marry and try to have babies, only have a 3% increase in risk for birth defects.
    Just as a reference, women above 30 years old have a 2.8% increase in risk for children with birth defects.
    So, it is not the end of the world.


  8. Not the end of the world, just super weird when you go to lunch with your cousin who is actually also your 2nd cousin because he's your Uncle's son but since your Dad married his cousin (uncle's sister) he's also just your cousin. Weird!

  9. Oh yes, I have to agree, there is weirdeness all around this whole story... :)