Friday, June 3, 2011

Hot Brazilians for your Friday!

I was inundated with recommendations for Hot Brazilian Friday. And I LOVED every minute of it! If you have a crush on a hot or cute Brazilian, feel free to let me know. Nothing like mentally rating pictures of beautiful people to brighten up your day. 

There are no words to describe Anderson Dornelles except for maybe the fact that I am totally in love. He can be an ass if he wants to, he is officially hot enough to pull it off.  

And while I usually only do one picture each, Anderson's butt totally deserved a cameo! 

For the Lady lovers, I have Alinne Moraes. While she is absolutely gorgeous, she has nothing on Mr. Anderson up there!


  1. NICE! How about this...

    The only female in the shoot is actually a biological male, transgender model Lea T.

    And I love the boy on boy kiss.

  2. That's hot! I hope they run it!

  3. You probably won't allow this to be posted, but at least you will read it...I think your 'hotties' posts are pathetic, and a low attempt at attracting people to vote for you. Your ego might be boosted by your position in this competition, but deep down you must know that your blog is no-where near as good as some of the others below you, that feature intelligent writing,and original images. I'm gald you have your loyal followers, but I question their taste in blogs. Have a nice day.

  4. I will totally let this stay up. Something tells me you are one of the blog below me and are not taking this well. Blogging takes time. There are a lot of communities you can join for expats that may bring your blog more traffic.

    As for this post, it's something fun. It started as a joke and my readers like it. Not everything has to be so serious.

    As for question my readers' taste, I question your ability to judge. If you feel that crapping on someone else because they are in second place in a contest and posted a little blurb of a post about hotties, you have issues. If you don't like my blog, don't read it. It's lighthearted 90% of the time and it takes the same kind of people to get it.

    I am having a very nice day actually and I hope you have the same! :)

  5. Wow Rachel - who pissed in their Cheerios? I love your blog - both for the serious posts AND the fun lighthearted stuff. I haven't been a reader long, but I'm definitely a loyal one, and proud to say so. Thanks for sharing the beautiful people - it's the prettiest thing I've seen since being at work today ;) xoxo

  6. Actually, I'm not one of the bloggers below, so your paranoia is misplaced. I enjoy good quality blogging. Have no problem with your 'fun' posts, just think you will resort to cheap thrills to get votes (these types of posts seem to be more frequent lately). You seem to be very competitive. I agree that not all posts have to be serious, and think that some of yours are in fact funny. That response of "if you don't like my blog don't read it" is irrelevant to the point I was making. My poitn was about comparing quality with popularity. Just because a blog has more 'followers' doesn't mean it has quality content. You only have to look at the popularity of trashy mags and CNN!

  7. I, for one, like the hottie posts. I love reading about day-to-day life in Brazil, social issues, current events AND pop culture (i.e. pics of attractive celebs)--it gives a comprehensive view of what it's like being there. Rachel, I think you do a great job of covering all of those things. What is the point of questioning anyone's taste level?

    This is a "So what? Who cares? Just go home and have a glass of Pinot Grigio and go to bed" moment...

  8. p.s. The question about taste level/have a glass of Pinot Grigio is obviously for Anonymous. Life can be fun when you get "mom drunk" on white wine. Or even a white wine SPRITZER! Whatever it takes.

  9. I love the hottie posts! All of them, going back to BEFORE the contest started!

    Honestly, if you want to accuse Rachel of blogging for votes, don't point to something that she was doing before the contest started. If her blog had totally changed after being told she was in the contest, then, my friend, accuse away. There's nothing that says a blog has to be high-brow and intellectual. In fact, most aren't. Rachel's is good fun and a great peek into life in Brazil!

  10. Yes, your opinions are all valid and I was probably being a bit harsh, especially in my first comment. Apologies, Rachel and best wishes for the rest of the comp.

  11. Your blog hasn't change since it's inception. It's a reflection of your personality. It's quirky, fun, interesting, at times shocking, compassionate, beautiful and all the things that are you.

    You have been telling a story of how you have adapted to a new culture, are raising an amazing family, enjoying a beautiful country and its colorful and spectacular people, have made some great friends who are expats and your own words, your own way with your own style.

    Why would you equate a trashy magazine with CNN?

  12. Hey, I'm not a trashy magazine! ;P

    Honestly, the Hottie for your Friday post started as a fluke one Friday when I came across a picture of a hot Brazilian guy. It was like... A LOT! And I had fun doing it. That morphed into the Tuesday cutie per request which was also fun. It actually crossed my mind to not post them during this contest as a "Mommy" blog because it's not very Mommy. But that wouldn't be right.

    My blog highlights a lot of things. The contest did inspire my breastfeeding post (listed on my top 10 most viewed) and my birth story post. Inspired it because I started thinking about real MOM experiences abroad.

    Not all my posts can surround the news. It gets depressing and a lot of the news needs to be respected. I don't like to be a debbie downer here. I get to feel that enough with some of the shit going down. So I pick and choose.

    Also, I have no problem with your criticism. I feel a blog is public and thus an open place for it... within reason. I do however find it irresponsible of you to claim your claims without really reading or knowing my blog. Yes these posts have become more frequent but because they are 1. fun 2. easy 3. not time consuming and 4. my life has been quite up and in the air at the moment.

    Say you hate the post. Call it trashy. Tell me you expect more of me. But they knew what they were getting into when they invited me to this contest, or they should have. And I am a damn good writer or normally puts good stuff up here. It's not fair to discredit me for sometimes putting up the fun quick posts that get a smile. If you read, I post a lot and the amount of this stuff in comparison to the other is few.

    But I accept your apology and I hope you'll stick around long enough so I can charm you over;)

  13. Now there's one aspect of the blogging world that I do enjoy, and that's engaging in civilized debate. Thanks for your honest response, Rachel, for admitting that those posts have become more frequent. I accept your point that people are entitled to post whatever they wish, whether it be to save time, gain a following, entertain, win competitions or whatever. I have read quite a few of your other posts, so my claim wasn't "irresponsible", it simply contradicted what your fans/followers think. In the end, it's all a subjective judgement anyway. Thanks for respecting my right to express my own opinions about the quality field that you are competing against. For the record, I would rather you be in first place than the blog that is currently leading (that's a big scam in my humble opinion). All the best.

  14. And thank you for coming back and replying! Btw, I have to agree with you on that last one. I'm voting for a couple of the other Moms in the group and I'd much rather lose to them than that one!

  15. Seriously, one cannot begin to reflect or report on life in Rio de Janeiro without featuring hotties. Looking good seems to be a cultural obsession, and as we've personally observed and Rachel has posted about, Brazilians take a very healthy interest in sex and are uninhibited in their display & admiration of the body.

    Rachel, the scholarship you bring to reflecting life in Rio as we remember it is commendable; Keep it up!


  16. I agree with anonymous guy/girl.. i think you should stop spending time researching hot shirtless guys, not cool!

    Mr. Rant

    (cant believe i signed as Mr. Rant...)

  17. I love that you signed it Mr. Rant and I love that you read my blog! :D

  18. Btw, he's got nothing on you! Just like she has nothing on me, right? (that is a trick question!)

  19. Clearly "Hottie" posts are worth the ink.

  20. I think the hotties an excellent idea. I really have to start it in my blog as well. I have said it before but now I am going to do it asap ! A dynamic blog has to to have a bit of everything.