Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm a Petty Wife

Let me ask you this: If your husband declared in the middle of the night that he was going to go sleep in the other room because he really needed his sleep, would that rub you the wrong way?

You see, the kids had invaded our bed and one youngest of the mini Ranters was in full whine mode. And with all that going on, it was Mr. Rant's statement that woke me up.

The thoughts that went through my head were "What the hell did you just say?!"  "You spoiled freaking brat!" and "Your parents..." I stopped that last one right in it's tracks. Must not blame the parents for Mr. Rant occasional holier or more important than thou attitude. They have nothing to do with the argument. It is not important that every time we see them they say he looks so sleepy and that he should leave the kids with me and take a nap.

Funny enough, Mr. Rant always looks at me at that moment with half hope and half mock. He knows when they say that it annoys the crap out of me. I think he also looks back to make sure I'm not in my pouncing stance ready to take them all out and show them who's really the tired one here! Fyi, they used to say the same thing while I was a nursing Mother with a newborn. "Poor baby, aren't you getting any sleep? Is the baby keeping you up?"

If they had asked me, I could have told them hell no he wasn't being kept up! I had to keep my oldest out of the bed as he was sleeping so damn hard I was worried he'd roll over and take him out.

But jokes on him. After last night's comment, and his full night of sleep, he's on Daddy duty this morning.

That's why when I heard my 2 yr old yell pee pee potty I told Mr. Rant that it was his turn. You see, I knew the tone of that innocent sounding yell and it was not innocent at all, that and he was already too late.

I'm incredibly immature but when I heard his "oh crap!" it made me smile. Just so you know, he wasn't speaking figuratively.


  1. LMAO.....our son was the one who used to want to sleep in our bed. And even now, at 10 years old, guess who is still asleep in my bed??? My son! LOL

    Of course I don't have to worry about daddy complaining because instead of kicking our son out, I kicked daddy out permanently! HAHAHA
    ( yes it's true but we all know I didn't kick him out to let our son stay of course-LOL)

    Now, it's sometimes a nice comfort to have the little man next to me even if sleeping with him is like sleeping with a rattlesnake. When I lose sleep over this, I make him go back to his own bed. Boys are SO much more " I want you near to me mommy" than girls are. My daughter wants her OWN space wtih no invasion.

    Dads will never understand us Rachel but good luck for keeping him on his toes and making him contribute and even better....and don't feel bad at all about taking joy in his misery...I never did either. :D

    My motto is: You help make them, you're gonna help take care of them.

  2. OMG...P.S. I want to clarify after reading my post that my son has not slept in my bed all the time up until 10 years old..HAHAHAHAHA
    Thank goodness he's a very petite boy and not some monsterous size of a child.

    Gosh no! I'm no crazy woman! He only sleep with me on occassion.

    No way could I have him sleep in my bed all the time! I LOVE my own space!

  3. Wow. I really like this blog yet these posts about child care are brutally honest, each time I read one the phrase "must use birth control" is uttered in the depth of my subconscious.
    Perhaps, so to avoid little gritties, I should print this one and have it framed so to place it on my bedstand.

    It should work according to this.

    On a sidenote I don't understand how countries like China still fail to achieve zero population growth: either the government is incompetent (sorry, redundancy) or Chinese women are saints.

  4. Gritty, don't let my totally accurate account of children scare you ;)

    Shay, They will not understand! NEVER! lol

  5. HA! My husband often escapes in the night when my daughter makes it into our bed and settles into her preferred position - with her feet in his face. But it's cool... because he snores. I actually get more sleep in this scenario.