Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Little Fashion Rio

This girl got to experience an evening of fashion last night! A good friend of mine scored some pretty damn decent seats at the Cantão fashion show for Fashion Rio. 

I was quite proud when the show started and the models didn't make me feel obese nor cause me to run onto the stage and stuff rice and beans down their throats. Of course, that feeling didn't last long because only the first 3 models fit my "super freaking skinny but possibly natural" category. The other ones may have been following the coffee, cocaine, cigarettes, and vomiting diet. 

Then again, it was a fashion show at Fashion Rio, what more could a girl expect? And while the clothes would have looked better on a real Carioca woman, I still loved them.

People, I LOVED the clothes (about 90% anyway). It was a mix of neons with neutrals and everything flowy. I really could see myself strolling the streets of Rio in my badass flowy colorful dress! 

So all and all, it was a success. The show was about 10 minutes of hangers walking with gorgeous outfits on. We exited the land of the model and out into the land of the people who watch, dress, and coordinate the model. I tell you this, that was the most interesting fashion show.

I am an ex-people watcher. I just don't get a chance to do it that much anymore. Last night, I did it with pleasure. I tell you, I saw every fabric known to man, sometimes all on the same person. There were leggings and "designer" nylons as far as the eye could see. 

You had every aspect of the Fashion world. There were the tattooed/hardcore group, the short shorts people, the shiny (fugly!) legging people, the big dorky glasses with men's coats on women people, etc etc. I loved it. And everyone was laughing and double air kissing everyone. I felt like a fabulously unnoticed unfashionable fly on the way. Perfect for people watching!

So a good time was had by all. I had no idea that fashion was in a world of itself. Thankfully I went with my friend Ju, my passport into the world of the "cool."


  1. How fun!!! I am due for a GNO, probably won't be anything as fabulous as your fashion night!!

  2. It was rare for me to get to do something so fabulous! That's what made it so fun :)

  3. your passport into the world of cool?? LOL