Saturday, June 4, 2011

National Breastfeeding Demonstration Tomorrow!

A friend of mine works with a group that is putting on a national breastfeeding demo in Brazil tomorrow. I say in Brazil because it is scheduled in numerous cites. 

While I have always been impressed by the acceptance of breastfeeding in Rio de Janeiro, it is never enough. Sadly, the non-breastfeeding movement is becoming somewhat international.

The thing is that I am not the super hardcore breastfeeding advocate people are afraid of. It is not a debate for me. It is not something I am going to tell you off for. I will say, however, that not breastfeeding is not the best choice for numerous reasons:

1. Nutrition. Sure, formula is fortified but do you ask your kid to eat a fortified plastic banana and call it a banana?

2. Money. Formula is $$$, especially in Brazil. Add in the price of diapers, again especially in Brazil, and you will have money for their college fund when they are 40 years old.

3. The practical part. Have you ever compared popping a boob in a baby's mouth versus getting out a sterilized bottle, adding sterilized water, mixing in formula, heating it up, and finally taking it to the baby. Let's just say that the Boob is the organic McDonalds only you should want to give it to your kid.

4. Digestion. Funny thing about becoming a Mom is that you actually think about how much someone else passes stool. Personally, I never worried about it myself unless it was too much and in liquid form. I tell you this about breastfeeding, no need to worry about constipation, dehydration, etc etc for at least 6 months if not longer.

5. We live in a fast paced world and breastfeeding really is the easiest thing. OMG, you may have to pump. Look, you drink cow's milk. They pump daily. I'm not reading articles from them bitching about it. Pump your freaking milk. Give it to you kid. They'll all be happier.

6. And lastly and most superficially, breastfeeding is the best way to lose pregnancy weight. If your baby is solely breastfeeding, you burn 500 calories a day. 500! Try doing that on a treadmill!

So if you are in Brazil and want to give or receive breastfeeding support, check the plan out for tomorrow. Here's the link:

Or Facebook follow, so the new black to do it, at: Mamaço Virtual

And before someone accuses me of selling out, once again, there are only semi topless pictures in this post and the babies cover the good part! ]

Correction: The event has been postponed to next week!

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