Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Trip to the Country

We had an abnormally wonderful treat this week as Mr. Rant actually took 2 days off of work and took all of us out to the country! My MIL has never been happier to have her house invaded by us for an almost full 4 days.

We made this trip especially fabulous by bringing second cousins visiting from France with their son. Chatterbox was in 4 yr old heaven sharing his special place with his 3rd or 4th cousin removed, whatever Mr. Rant's 2nd cousin's child would be to our son. I'm sure Ray, Gritty Poet, or Jim will know the answer to that riddle.

Anyway, I'm taking a break from the madness as a Botafogo game (plus ipads and Ben 10) are humoring the masses.

It's been an awesome trip and I will sadly be heading back into the city tomorrow. I will say though, I was great to get away and show my children that pideons aren't in fact birds, trees don't only grow in parks, and that you can actually go for a walk without running into other people.

All and all, this weekend was a homerun!

*Please note that I can not spell check as the site and computer are refusing to leave their Portuguese bubble. I am not, therefore, responsible for misspellings, my 4th grade teacher is. Please take all issues up with Mrs. McKee.


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  2. Your grammar mistakes are more like kindergarten level than 4th grade. Just thought you should know. =) Only joking.

    Anyway looks like a niiicceee final de semana. Sounds a little more wholesome than my blacking out on a driveway last night. =/

  3. Rachel,

    Gil is the expert in cousin degrees an he says 3rd. :)
    Don't get me starte with bad teachers, Gil is always torturing about my poor Portuguese grammar skills...and 14 years away from the mother land are just making it worse :)
    Your MIL's house looks awesome by the way!


  4. Mr. Rant's 2nd cousin's child will be 3th grade to you and your husband. And the other little boy is 4th grade to your sons.

  5. Ah, Kindergarten is such a charming age. I won't worry about it then ;)

    Ok, so we are between 4th and 3rd...

  6. sounds like a great and relaxing break-- just what you guys needed. :) xo