Monday, October 11, 2010

Attack of the Mommy Brain

I so have little motivation to write. Actually, I have a lot of motivation to write but little to write about. I´ve been on full Mom mode since Tuesday. Mr. Rant was prisoner in a hell of a place called São Paulo working.  He was then stuck working in an even worse spot this weekend, Barra!

Yes, I do suffer from Zona Sul elitism. Actually, it´s worse. I bascially enjoy my neighborhood and the surrounding ones best.  You can even count Leme.  I like Leme. They have pools on the beach for my boys.  I mean, pools on the beach! That´s as evil genius as you get!  The sand of the beach with the convenience of a kiddie pool.

See, see where my mind is. My head is wrapped around juice boxes and poopy diapers, kiddie toys and parquinhos (parks).  You really can´t get that sarcastically sassy when you are searching for a shovel.  What can I say, my hands are tied with Playdoh and bristle blocks.

Not to worry, it´s Monday and a new week! Oh wait, the school will be shut Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.  It´s closed Tuesday for whatever the hell Catholic Saint´s day it is and on Monday because Tuesday is a holiday. That just burns my butter. What the hell is that? You can´t just make Monday a holiday because Tuesday is one!  Then the school looked at me, put up a talk to the hand hand, and asked me what the hell I was going to do about it. 

Well I´m going to bitch on my blog! So there! I´m taking my ball and I´m going home. 

Yeah, basically I took it where they wanted to put it. They are also closed Friday for Teacher´s day. That is another load of poop.  I consider Teacher Day like Father´s Day. It´s a day for them to spend with the kids. Now Mother´s Day is also a Day for Dad to spend with the kids.  Like that, don´t you?

Daring to sound fuzzy and positive, I have been enjoying my little monkey. Not a derogatory term, I did, in fact, give birth to little monkeys!  We´ve gone to every playground imaginable, cooked together, finger painted, regular painted, played everything possible, and snuggled.  I´m not stupid, I know they are at the age where Mommy is cool and they want to hang with me. Soon enough they will get delusional and think I´m not cool. Crazy, I know! 

Happy Monday!


  1. When I read your posts I miss brazil even more !
    I know it doesn't make sense for you, but life is harder for moms living in Ireland!!!
    I would do ANYTHING to have my babysitter back...especially when the schools are closed !!! hahaha

  2. I totally get what you´re saying. I don´t have a babysitter but I couldn´t live without my twice a week maid cleaning everything for me! I´m ruined. I can never go back home. I´ve gotten too used to a whole new level of clean! ;)

  3. I just got a call from one of my students. He has today off and wanted to reschedule his class. He works for a mjor insurance company. Since when does an insurance company give their staff Monday off just because Tuesday is a hoiliday!?

    Ah... Brazil.

    See you tomorrow, I hope.

  4. Hey, count your blessings - mine has a WHOLE week off!! Of course I don't (although we do have Monday and tomorrow). I have convinced the hubby to stay home from work so I can go to campus. I also just braved 4 hours at the mall where everyone is buying their presents for children's day, which is supposed to be bigger for stores than Christmas (I can't fathom that - then where does the decimo terceiro go?).