Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rio de Janeiro Weather is bi-polar

We are having some seriously bi-polar weather this winter.  It´s starting to get under my skin. I´ve heard of seasonal depression but never of actual seasons having manic depression. 

I just looked into my living room and saw that there was some far overdue sunlight shining in. Oh glorious sun!  So I look out the window and the sky is, oddly, covered in black clouds. Well way to literally rain on my parade.

Ok Rio de Janeiro, which is it going to be?  The Gods of the city of God were not answering this morning so I checked the forecast online. 

Apparently, Rio is trying to get it all done today. Scattered sun and scattered showers with a 50/50 chance of rain. What the hell is that?  They should just say what they really mean....

Aka.  Damned if I know!


  1. The Google weather gadget I have on my home page says rain almost every day of the year!

    The bits of sun (like right now) are great.

    Let's hope it is wonderfully sunny on Tuesday for the Blogger play date!

  2. This time of year weather systems seem to move in a southeasternly direction from the Amazon, right over top of Rio. Watch the satelite images on our site - it's pretty easy to forecast sun or rain in Rio.

  3. I just love your blog!!!
    Thanks for your comment at my ká.Entre.Nós!

    You are right, nice ice cream in Rio is soooo expensive...
    in Ireland is so much cheaper...Well I guess in life we can't have it all...

    For sure I will come back to read your old posts!


  4. I linked your blog in my blog as well !


  5. THanks Karine!!

    Kris, I will try that, although I´m intimidated just by the thought ;)

  6. Hey Rachel,

    Looks like it will be a picture perfect Sunday in Rio tomorrow.