Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rio de Janeiro is FREEZING!

This is what I am wearing this evening. Seriously! I just took the picture. If I had balls, they'd be freezing off just about now.

People, it's freaking cold. I can not explain how it's this cold here in Rio de Janeiro! It's technically only 19 degrees C (67 F). Logically, that is not cold. That's brisk or pleasant, not cold.

But here that is bone shattering. You know why? Because we go through such a long period of time not even remembering we have bones, we are distracted by the fact that our skin is melting off.

So when the weather creeps down to a normal level, and our bones twitch, we freak the hell out. I am so freaking the hell out.

And you are not going to believe this...

I'm even wearing socks! The flip flops were put away this afternoon and I'm actually going to wear socks and my converse.

Here's the crap part to adapting to a new place, their winter becomes yours! I never would have thought...


  1. Hahaha you copied me! I wrote an entry about this last night. It went down to 20 degrees F in near Curitiba, the coldest it's been in 11 years.

    I would be lighting my socks on fire to stay warm because I think anything colder than 70F is death worthy. Thank god we have heating!

    Drink some chocolate quente!

  2. my god! this made laugh so much!!! "... not even remembering we have bones!" so funny!!!!!

  3. That is definitely something we don't hear everyday, "Rio de Janeiro is freezing" ha!
    It's summer here in Rhode Island and we are still have days with the highs in the upper 60's and lower 70's :)
    This Brazilian couple is definitely not addapted to hot weather, we thrive in the cold.
    I love the harsh winters in New England.
    Oh, we have some re-adapting to do... :(


  4. Love those wooden tiles, they are rare these days.
    You look like a cool chick btw, kinda Punky Brewsterish that went thru a New Wave phase in High School (been there as well). Those are the best people.

    Some Jesus % Mary Chain to keep us all warm.


  5. Here in Paraíba throughout the year the temperature varies between 27ºC~33°C~35ºC, this month we're having a temperature of 20 ° C, for many, this is hot, but for me, I find it quite cold, especially at dawn!

  6. Dude, I've always wanted to be Punky Brewster!

    Yeah, I'm a wuss now. And I woke up officially sick today. Total total wuss now.

    I was dreaming about going up to Paraiba to get some warmth but damn ticket prices...

  7. I don't know about Rio, but here in Lima part of the problem is there is no heat anywhere. It's 68F inside and out, so you just never get the chance to warm up anywhere. Top that off with 24/7 fog for a good 6 months - the dampness makes it feel much cooler than it really is. Lack of sun is no fun for this Florida girl.

  8. Thank goodness it's not foggy and damn. I think that would push me over the edge. I do get you 68 degree thing. We don't have heat either and it's colder in the apartments than on the street