Monday, June 13, 2011

Update: Brazilian Firefighters

Thanks to Sarah for the pictures!

While everyone in Rio de Janeiro is rejoicing over the fact that the firefighters are free, they also realize that the fight is far from over!

There are a couple of things that have yet to be covered. The firemen have not received a raise and they want amnesty. Per awesome Brazilian law and distraction, there is speculation that the governor is waiting for Rio de Janeiro to lose interest in the story and then is going to process them. I, for one, would not be surprised at all.

In an act of comradery, 27,000 people gathered in Copacabana yesterday to show their support. Not only that, but you can spot red ribbons on cars and people throughout the city.

I guess you can say that Cariocas will let the government get away with a lot behind the scenes, but don't mess with their people!

So all you out there in the world, remember that this battle is far from over!


  1. Yeah for the awesome support! Give those firefighters a raise!

  2. It's wonderful to see people fight for things, especially when they deserve them!

    Go firefighters!

  3. It does drive me crazy that these dirty politicians won't think twice before giving themselves raise after raise but drag feet and behave like thugs when it's time to take care of Rio's firefighters.
    It looks like it's becoming a political nightmare for Rio's THUG governor and he will have no way out but to give the firefighters a raise and call it a day.


  4. Lots of red ribbons on taxi antennae, saw one on a school bus and one on a DVD rental store delivery bicycle. It is nice to see people fighting.

  5. We have one on our car!

    I think this one is driving everyone crazy! Even the governor ;)

  6. I'm optimistic about this one! And so damn happy to see people in Rio fighting for their rights. I feel like times are changing in Brasil and hope that the firefighters from Rio inspire many other fights yet to come.

  7. Good for the firefighters and general support! They deserve a huge raise.