Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You Can Take the Girl Out of the Trailer...

Did my grocery store run this afternoon. Since I have quit smoking, I figured I could now use my hands to bring my own eco-grocery bags.

Yeah, I have turned over a new leaf and it's not a tobacco one.

That's when it hit me, I let go of smoking. I was walking to the store in cute yoga pant and a little workout top. I was bringing my own eco-friendly bags!

OMG! I have turned into a Pod Mother! Before you know it I'll be doing yoga in Lagoa with my chic little group and having my maid go to the store with the eco-bags.

But then I stopped. I was still pretty far from that. You see, on my grocery list was coffee filters. We have been out for a couple of days now. This morning Mr. Rant folded a paper towel and busted out a homemade filter.

I found that hot.

I guess you can take the girl out of the trailer but can't take the trailer out of the girl. 


  1. Four questions: have you really lived in a trailer, was Mr. Rant a boy scout, is filtered coffee better than just warming up water and adding Nescafe, is your Norweigan friend hot ( I hope so since she made me go thru some major rant withdrawl).

  2. Who knew that napkins could be good for not only wiping your snot and picking up dog crap, but filtering coffee grinds. Ha!

    But if you were actually true trailer trash, you would skip the coffee in the morning and go straight for the beer. Just sayin'.


  3. First: Didn't grow up in a trailer. Quite unfortunate as it would have explained a lot.

    Second: Mr Rant was not a boy scout. He did, however, support himself while living in Spain. I think that may have been a filter-less life.

    Thirdly: The Norwegian friend is hot and super freaking cool!

    Alex, Yeah, you have a point there!

  4. Rachel,

    There is nothing trailer about you! :)
    This post reminded me how crappy paper towels are in Brazil! What's up with that?
    The same freaking American Kimberly Clark makes paper towels down there, why the hell they have to be so cheap! :(


  5. I also have used a paper towel to filter coffee (this is before I owned a french press, which is a good backup for a temporarily filterless kitchen). I also did not grow up in a trailer, but Chicago, where on any given day you might be snowed-in, or it might be just too damn cold to go outside or (more often) you might just be too damn hung-over to go outside, and if you ran out of filters, you were SOL (before handy grocery delivery options).
    I have also used coffee filters to mop up messes.

  6. Perhaps Norweigan friend could be featured in a Tuesday Cuties edition. You claim she is hot but is she christian and can she cook ( I got the subliminal message: you are telling me she is wife material and wants me but I need to get the ok from the mom).

    Btw I would offer to pose for Tuesday Cuties but am currently under contract.

  7. Well Gritty, she is Pagan and survives off of Energy of the Earth. But everyone can relate to that so no worries, Mom will love her!

    You are under contract by whom? Should be me. Didn't you see the clause when you entered my blog. I now own your soul. Don't worry, I'm very responsible.

  8. O M G I've got it! In order to be trailer trash, take the already used napkin, filter your pee pee and you get beer! My best idea ever!

    And GrittyPoet, which agency are you with? I'm with Garotos de Programa de Ipanema. I also work part time for Rachel, she's a GREAT pimp! I just wish she wouldn't beat me with her cane and pimp slap me all the time. I'm not just a piece of meat....but she possesses my soul like all of us who read her wonderful rants!

    You did mean prostitution agency, right?

  9. Man, now I am having daydreams about Norweigan chick. It got to the point that I looked up a post I read a few years ago about Scandanavians.


    Oh what to do but dream of Oslo and listen to Cortina. After all life in Norway is exactly like this


    Alex, I am a hand model for Unwarranted Cavity Search Inc , a glove company. We are under contract with the Department of Homeland Security. I am quite popular in the Arab world.

  10. ^^My teeth are fine, thank you.

    Chuckle Chuckle