Monday, July 4, 2011

Festa Junina vs the 4th of July

I know Festa Junina and the 4th of July are different holidays, but there are some definite similarities. Here's how Festa Junina quenched my cravings for a 4th of July.

1. Crap food. There's a lot of crap food at Festa Juninas. They even have a huge sausage (very hot dog like) on a stick. Given it feels a bit more x-rated to eat than a hot dog but that just adds to the humor of it all.

2. Fireworks. No, not the ones in the sky. Festa Junina opens the doors for obnoxious kids to light things like black cats in any available corner or trash can. Felt like my childhood all over again, minus my brothers blowing up the heads of my barbies.

3. Annoying clothes. While it's not red, white, and blue everywhere it is plaid as far as the eye can see. Festa Junina replaces the overly patriotic shirts and hats with square-dancing gear. I have to say, I think Festa Junina wins out in the costume competition.

4. Beer. This category is kind of weak seeing that beer flows in Rio de Janeiro like water in the rest of the world. Festa Junina is no different, beer is very much included, even at my kids' school party.

5. Fun. Both are a blast if you go to the right party. This years Festa Junina was great. My kids even did a little dance with their classmates. And while we missed the 4th, we did get to dress like country folk and have a good old-fashioned time playing old school carnival games and eating treats.


  1. you should post a picture of them dancing "quadrilha"..its so cute!!

  2. The top picture is of my 4 yr old's class. It was hard to get a good shot!

  3. Haha.. Hot dog on a stick = Food pr0n? :D We have them here too, called "panchos", which perhaps not so coincidentally is also slang for penis.

  4. Seriously, when you take that first bite it looks like... well, you get the picture.

    So NOT a coincident!