Monday, July 4, 2011

How Mr. Rant Got Me

The early days

I've been thinking about doing this post for a while, an inspiration from fellow expat/Mommy blogger Stay at HomeBabe. An email from Mr. Rant during our long distant courtship. I figure, 4th of July is the perfect day! He is the reason why I'm missing it anyway (which does not bother me 363 days out of the year)  

Mr. Rant and I spent 3 months in long distant limbo, not quite knowing if we were going to be able to meet again or not. Here's the original email he sent to let me know he was coming to San Diego:

first, a random question, did your parents liked the
statue? how did your mom reacted?

second, wait for me in a month or less, i spoke to the
girl and they selected someone else to the job, she
said they found somebody with very good experience on
the third sector, that is non-profit orgs...

so i take that as a sign in our behalf.

wait for me!

i will see what or how i can do to get my brasilian
skinny butt over there.

gotta go and talk about this with my parents.


Btw, the statue he is referring to is a lladro my Father asked me to get for my Mother while in Spain. Daniel helped me pick it out.


  1. sweet. You really got lucky like him just don't exist anymore I don't think.

  2. When I say "like him" I mean that fact that he went after love full speed knowing exactly what he wanted and didn't stop until he had you. Men like this are rare. Most are not this open minded and/or believe in love so strongly to allow it to have such an effect that it changes their life in such a profound way.

    I could only wish to find this someday. I'm glad you did.

  3. I am lucky :D Thanks Shay! And there were some steps but yes, he basically hopped on a plane and we figured it out together. Luckily he already had a US visa. Not that it kept him from being thoroughly questioned by customs...

  4. Haha I love it! I'm totally going to search for the first message Ro sent me... That was really sweet :)

  5. Awesome, and so cool that you kept that email. Who would've known how much that email would change your life! Keep a back up copy of it somewhere! ;-) --Jean

  6. His english is like my husband's. It's impossible to resist :-)

  7. Rachel, that is really sweet. I always find broken English/mistakes charming. I can't help but wonder if it's the same in reverse--was my broken Portuguese cute to Brazilians? Probably not.