Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flamengo, the Kool-aid of Brazilian Soccer

You have to love Brazilian's enthusiasm when it comes to soccer. I mean they really get into it. So it's not surprising that you know when there's a game on regardless of looking at a tv. These guys yell when the ref scratches his ass, don't even make me try to explain the reaction when a team misses (or gets) a goal.

Of course you can amplify all this by about 245% when Flamengo is playing. Practically everyone, foreigners and Brazilians alike, are drinking the red and black Kool-aid.

I myself married into a Botafogo family, which has nothing to do with anything. I just like to point it out when I'm being an individualist like the other thousands of Botafogo followers.

Point is, I don't enjoy it when Mr. Rant is screaming for his team but that's one thing. Hearing the entire neighborhood screaming is another. Add to it that it's almost midnight... That does not make a happy Ranter!

Oh well, it's the way of the culture and you have got to love people with passion. I suppose you could say that soccer this society's opium... and beer, and meat, and oxygen, and maybe even sex. 


  1. This is true! Yesterday the game was wonderful, bars and restaurants around the country were crowded to see the Flamengo, which has the greatest fans in the country, was so much fun! =P

  2. it most be difficult to live in rio and dont root for flamengo :)
    does the little one care for futebol already or still too young to understand it all?

  3. My 4 yr old totally understands!

  4. yes, your 4 year old is very emphatic about his loyalty to Botafogo!!

  5. That explains why everyone was wearing a Flamengo shirt today...and why the bakery by my house is selling a box of Flamengo-related products.

  6. Hi Rachel,

    How about an online soccer challenge? To get a better idea of what I propose first read this

    We could play the upcoming round which will be Concurso 473. You can find it below starting next Monday.

    If you are up for it how about if we offer our predictions in the comment box of a post created for the challenge next Thursday in your blog?

    No double or triple results allowed (see the first link for instructions). You can only choose one result so if Flamengo is playing Botafogo for example you either choose Flamengo, Botafogo, or a tie.

    I know this is a major dude thing but if you win think of the extra joy.

    I know it could be kind of a hassle so I get it if you are not interested. I would do it in my blog but nobody reads it.

    Anyway just a suggestion.