Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Above and Beyond

I have always known that the love for children in Brazil goes above and beyond. Today that was displayed to me in the simplest act.

The Menace's teacher called home to tell me he was feverish. Today is also The Chatterbox's night to do Capoeira as an after school activity. Normally The Menace and I wait around playing while Chatterbox Capoeiras his little butt off, but since Menace was sick that wasn't going to be possible.

You see, Mr. Rant could not guarantee that he'd be able to make it by pick up time and Menace was really sickly looking. I went up to Chatterbox's class to break the news, no capoeira today.

My boy was already in his little Capoeira uniform and excitedly talking to his friends about practice. Of course he broke down into tears upon the news because "Capoeira is my favorite thing Mommy!"

His teacher looked at me and asked if there really wasn't someone that could pick him up. That I knew of at the moment, no. Sadly, he would have to be disappointed.

She stepped up. The teacher, who has a 1 yr old at the school as well, said that they would stay an extra hour and walk him home. Both of us live near the school and it would be no problem.

I was so impressed that his teacher, just to take away the dramatic disappointment that only a 4 yr old can feel, was willing to stick around with her 1 yr old just to make him happier.

That, my friends, is dedication. It is above and beyond. It is exactly why I love this country. A little inconvenience to make someone else's day is not a big deal.

In the end some friends, whose child is in the same class, offered to take him home so that the teacher wouldn't have to wait around. Talk about all the love I was feeling. A little extra effort for them made all the difference in the world to my boy and I.

In the end Mr. Rant made it to the school and The Menace and I had to take a little trip to the emergency room. The Menace is ok. Bronchitis and a sinus infection decided that they were going to spike a fever and cause some breathing issues.

By the end of the night, both my boys were home and feeling better than they were earlier in the day, all because of the help of the good people around me. Amazing how a sick toddler, a disappointed preschooler, and  a Mother with her hand full managed to all get what they need. I suppose this story has a moral and if I had to guess what it is I'd say it was that the help of a neighbor can change a difficult moment into one where everyone walks away taken care of.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who made tonight just another good evening as opposed to a disappointment! 


  1. This is why I love Brazilians too. Even here in the states, they take time out of their own lives to help you as much as they can. It is something about the culture of the people there that is much more giving than here.

    I wish more people could be like this.

    Enjoy this Rachel, because I sure have not gotten any help like this from my elementary school (or middle or high school) teachers. In fact, the only teachers that have really helped me outside of school guessed it- my Brazilian Portuguese teachers.

    Heart warming story!

  2. what a sweet teacher! your son is a lucky boy!

  3. I love this story, this is what a sense of community is all about.
    Thanks for sharing Rachel ;)


  4. "Adventures in Babysitting", what a great classic.
    Perhaps you could give the Capoeira teacher a copy of the movie as a sign of appreciation and gratitude. Plus Elizabeth Shue is hot.
    Hope your son's health is fully restored soon.

  5. Just here to say I love the movie on the picture. It was truly great to be a kid in the 80's... Specially when Thor just shows like that :P