Tuesday, August 30, 2011

He Told me Off!

You have to love that Brazilians really do feel like they live in a community with the people around them. Of course this also means that elders feel complete liberty to scold a person like a wayward child.

I was minding my own business while walking my kids to the park to meet with friends. This park is a 15 to 20 minute walk from my house, it was already 35 degrees (95 F), and my boys are freaking heavy in their sit and stand stroller. You can imagine how patient I was feeling.

The Menace dropped his pacie, of course, at the entrance of the park and it fell near an older man. He watched me as I picked it up and returned to the stroller.

What he didn't see was that I threw the dirty pacie into the cup holder while informing The Menace that it was dirty and reaching over to wipe the rivers of snot from his nose.

I know what you are thinking, what a glamorous life! Eat your heart out baby.

Anyway, the man started screaming at me! I turned to look at him with a confused 'what the hell is your problem' look on my face.

He preceded to tell me off. How dare I give that dirty pacie to my child. What the hell was my problem! What kind of Mother am I! Seriously, he said all those things to my face.

That is when I pulled the pacie out of the cup hold and asked "This pacie?" I also busted out a "Cara de pao!" And suggested that he first pay attention before he decides to yell at someone.

He apologized and I we went in. I will say this though, the man is lucky my 4 yr old was there. The Chatterbox has turned into the greatest sponge that ever lived and single-handedly absorbs all information that passes by his ears. It was guaranteed that if I used the words I wanted to that the little one would automatically add them to his ever expanding vocabulary.

Lucky for the old man, huh?


  1. and at that point Chatter Box could have taken him on...

  2. cara de pau!! sometimes enough is enough.

  3. Did the guy look like the (un)orthodox martial artist in the picture?!