Friday, October 28, 2011

Hot Brazilians for your Friday!

It's Friday once again, thank goodness! Without further ado, here are your hotties:

We all know Adriana Lima. She is one of the hottest exported Brazilian models out there. And no Jim, she does not need a sandwich.  

Malvino Salvador is from Manaus. Seriously, what kind of corn are they feeding their boys up there?! Holy crap! And yes Malvino, I'm coming. 


  1. Ahhh, so that's the hot actor who plays Quinzé in Fina Estampa -- Malvino! I didn't realize he was already famous.

    It also makes even more sense why there's hardly a scene with him and a shirt.

    Que delícia

  2. Wow, Malvino is hot! And he's from my husband's city. Big surprise :)

  3. Yummiosa Adriana is (yes, she deserves a word made up just for her).

    Lots of dude pics and only two chick clicks. I am sensing bias. Nothing against Badwine(Malvino) but I wouldn't mind just one more of Adriana, perhaps in a casual domestic pose like sporting a Fluminense jersey as she walks across a corridor with a sandwich on a tray, meant for me (I am sensing pickles, mustard and cold cuts in this sandwich).

  4. Yeah, inspired by my previous comment I decided to google the ingredients that came to me when imagining the sandwich + Adriana Lima scenario. Such a sandwich actually exists: it is called a Cuban Sandwich.

    Has anyone tried one of these?

    Looks yummioso.

  5. I'm totally biased and it's my blog so I can be ;P