Saturday, October 29, 2011

How To Handle Diarrhea in Brazil

Diarrhea isn't fun anywhere but definitely makes you feel helpless when you are in a country where you don't know what to take.

The first reaction Mr. Rant has when I'm urinating out of the wrong side is for me to drink a Yakult. Since it has all the healthy bacteria my body would be obviously lacking in that situation it seems like good advice. I'm sorry but I always go no on that one. Yakult gives my healthy intestine the poops, goodness knows what ass fire I'd be dealing with when under the weather.

The next is Floratil. It's a pill version of the healthy bacteria. I totally take these but keep in mind that it usually takes a couple of days to work, aka when you diarrhea would have stopped anyway.

For those in a state of immediate need of corkage, the medicine you are looking for is called Imosec. This will cork you right up (especially if you take two). While I am a firm believer of letting the watery times roll, when you have to have all calls forwarded to the bathroom it may be time to step in and bitch slap Mother Nature. 


  1. Ahhh poop, one of my favorite subjects!

  2. I've not found anything here in Peru that will make the runs stop - everything they want to give you is antibiotics for the bad bugs, which unfortunately kills the good bugs too. I usually drink yogurt and take acidophilus capsules.

    Also, I have stockpiled Imodium AD. Everyone in my family who comes to visit has to bring a couple bottles down, for their sake and mine. :D

  3. This is the best post title EVER.

  4. Actually this is quite serious topic, particularly if you are a tourist from a temperate climate country. you can get dehydrated in Brazil very easily if you have a stomach bug.

    When I get a stomach bug in Brazil I take one spoon of coconut water per hour and try to ride it off... Unless it's something that is lasting more than 24 hrs I wont touch any medicine.

    ps. I hat Yakult, but My wife was elated when she found some at a Japanese market near our home in NYC

  5. It is a good title, isn't it :)

    I'm also a big fan of coconut water. In situations such as these I prefer the real fresh from the coconut version.

    Kelly, I used to stock up on Imodium until I found Imosec. I do prefer imodium though...

  6. LOL! I'm moving to Rio on Thursday (from the US) and have been scouring expat blogs for advice on what to pack. Imodium is now on my list, thanks! I drank from the tap on my previous visits (stupid, I know), and, well, my poor gringa tummy didn't fair so well. Coconut water is amazing, though, I agree!

    Your other posts on what to bring when moving to Rio, as well as DLR's blog, were super useful! Thanks so much!! In fact, your entire blog is very interesting; thought provoking and entertaining. I love it, not to mention how it's helping me mentally prepare for the big move. My husband is a Carioca; we don't have any children yet, but the posts relating to your relationship are so familiar to me, it's been really fun to read. I know you're a busy mom, but perhaps we could meet up once I'm settled in a bit. We'll be living in Barra (unfortunately), but my mother-in-law is in Flamengo and my office is in Botafogo, so we'll be in Zona Sul often. Let me know if you're up for it! I'm excited to make new friends, both expats and Brazilians.

  7. Glad you liked it (and that is a good thing for the list!)

    Did you see this post of mine? It's about what to bring when you move. The original post is for a Mom but the comments are full of GREAT suggestions!

  8. And I would love to meet up :)

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