Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Maybe I'm a Douche but I'm also a Slackliner

Some may call me a douche-bag. Some may call me a poser. I personally just call myself uncoordinated. Regardless, I tried slacklining today and signed up to do it again!

It does seem super lame from the outside. I will admit that I was one of the first people to mock those doing glorified tightrope walking in the middle of a park. Super lame! I was so above it.

When my friends started doing it I became a bit more curious. Maybe it was the exposure from hanging out around it or just wanting to see if I could actually stay on. Who knows? But when the teacher told me to come try after my friend's class I thought what the hell.

Three walks down the rope was all I needed to give it a real try. I felt tension in my arms, legs, and abs. Given it wasn't like busting out a spinning class or anything but it did show me it's workout potential.

Hell, it's like a mellow full body workout all while being outside. Not to mention the increased bodily awareness.

I will admit that I felt a bit like an ass at the beginning of my first class this afternoon. There I was trying to balance on one leg, on my tippie toes, on the ground. I wasn't even on the line yet people. Then the teacher told me to close my eyes. The 8th grader that lives deep inside me was insistent that people were pointing and laughing at me and/or that someone was going to push my dumb ass down.

You know what, neither happened. I did, on the other hand, confirm that my sense of balance is totally off. Not only that, attempting slacklining was like doing a pilates class with meditation included. All the concentrating, breathing, and moving of my arms while balancing on a rope cleared my head completely. I am definitely giving this one a shot.

So go ahead and send me rainbow knit hoodies, hacky sacks, and scented candles. Call me what you will. I however challenge you with the fact that this fad was started by rock climbers who would tie their ropes to trees and walk across on days when weather didn't permit climbing. A company noticed and made a thicker and rope/line. There you have it, a fad was born.

And in my opinion, rock climbers deserve a lot of respect!

Now excuse me while I go stretch my worked muscles and focus on my newly acquired balance ;)

How about you? Would you try slacklining in the park or would call me a douche for doing it? Be honest! 


  1. OMG, I remember seeing this being done in between the trees on the beaches in Rio when I was there and I thought to myself that I would love to try it and see if I could balance. But of course I didn't.

    I could only imagine the stares and laughs this gringa would have caused if I had tried it. LOL

    I think it's cool though that you are trying it. You go girl!

  2. I tried it and it is just no fun for me..too frustrating!! I did not know they had classes?! what/how do they teach you?

  3. Shay's comment is kinda funny in a non-intentional insulting way. It reads like "I wouldn't be caught dead doing this, but you go girl!" LOL.
    Anyway slacklining seems to offer exercise and focus in a single activity. Sounds good. I only take issue with these things when people start inserting chanting and excess granola bar consumption into the mix, (no offense Alex).

  4. I think it's great that you've gotten out there and tried something new! Not a douchey at all! :-)

  5. Good for you..it's a very California pursuit, IMO!

  6. hmmmm. i only graduated college a little over 2 years ago, and the long haired hippies slacklining between the trees in front of the library come to mind. i wouldnt call you a douche at all, just a dirty hippy! mwuahahahahaha :P

  7. very interesting article and it is true you must have a very good body condition and balance for this kind of activity