Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Do the Dishes and Get Laid

A new study shows that women find their husbands more sexually attractive if they help around the house. Dr. John Gottman scored massive points with his wife the day he published that paper of gold!

I for one am instantly more attracted to Mr. Rant when he helps out around the house. (Mr. Rant, are you reading this?)

Honestly, I have moments where if I see one more dirty dish I feel like throwing them all out the window. Don't even get me started on food preparations, laundry, mopping, putting away toys after the kids put away toys, de-urinizing of the bathroom and so on and so forth.

This may even go double for Brazilian men. By cultural nature, the Brazilian man is quite spoiled. They are not used to helping around the house, with meal prep, nor with children. Don't get me wrong, the ones I know aren't getting drunk at the dive bar at 10am or anything like that. No, they are just are a part of a culture where many homes have maids and what the maid doesn't do the woman of the house does. Seeing that there is help, the other stuff isn't that big of a deal.

At the same time, Mr. Rant doing the dishes or hanging the laundry is a total turn on. For starters, he isn't doing it for himself. In his world his boxers fold themselves and walk right into his drawer. When Mr. Rant washes dishes or does anything else in the house he is basically doing it so I won't have to. He is coming in and taking a bit of the load off.

That my friends is freaking hot! There is a lot bigger chance of me being down to get down if I'm not feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or pissed off. Hell, if you do all of the housework I may even throw in a costume.

The thing is that men do not understand that the household work can sometimes sit on us like a constant hangover. The moment you are ready to relax you remember that there is a load of laundry in the washer or that the kids will be hungry soon.  As they have yet to master the culinary arts that too is your problem.

Personally, the day I come home to find the house clean, kids bathed, dishes washed, and dinner done I'm going to throw Mr. Rant onto the dining room table and take him. Of course that will totally traumatize the boys but when I explain it to their future spouses they will completely understand!

Who does the chores in your house? Does your spouse helping out make him/her appear more attractive?

On a side note, here's another interesting article about housework and sex: CNN: Housework and Sex


  1. This must be a straight couple thing... I have never, never had a relationship where my partner did not carry his own weight in the house. What's up with that? How do you live like that? Who does he think he is?


    Straight people - sometimes I just don't understand you.

  2. I'm lucky, too -- my husband is obsessivly tidy... the man never stops wiping, mopping, straightening...

    While sometimes it is infuriating (read: the thing I was in the middle of using when the phone rang has mysteriously been put 'away') I never complain about it -- too bad I couldn't clone him. :-)

  3. Maybe because I'm a stay at home Mom I feel the need to do more...

  4. "The thing is that men do not understand that the household work can sometimes sit on us like a constant hangover."

    Yes, so true!

    I work about 50 hours a week, and I despise coming home to a sink full of dishes, stinky workout clothes, etc. It is absolutely a turn-on when he helps with the housework.

    Unfortunately though, I can't really complain because meu marido (between work and school) is outside the home for SIXTY hours a week - so he has me beat! (Good thing we don't have kids yet).

  5. I wish my bf would do a bit more, the problem is he does not get bothered by all the dirt as much as I get, so I end up doing much more cleaning ususally. He just waits for the dishes to pile up untill he thinks its time to do them.. But as he gets really bothered when there is no food in the house and he eats a lot more than I do, that's the part where I get him to do more! But we also try do do some shopping or cleaning together..

  6. You wrote: Personally, the day I come home to find the house clean, kids bathed, dishes washed, and dinner done I'm going to throw Mr. Rant onto the dining room table and take him."

    The problem with that is that he'll be too tired from all that work to perform. Surely you know the feeling ;)

  7. Jim,

    I don't think it's necessarily a straight couples thing but rather a sort of "The one who stays home feels the need to pitch in more in the house chores" thing.
    Gil works from home and he naturally ends up doing more, just like Rachel is describing in her situation. I do travel a lot for business but I do help equally when I am home.
    I would say it's probably more of an "old school" versus "young folks" thing to let the woman do all the house chores while the man sits and watches TV.
    By the way, I noticed that in parts of the US, such as in Oklahoma, women do all the chores while the man watch TV or play in the computer, not in New England, where couples seem to divide the house chores more equally.


  8. Miss Footloose has a damn good point!

  9. When my husband I were dating his place was ALWAYS,and I mean always spotless. Seven + years later I have no idea what happened...oh wait according to our child mommy is the "maid".

    I too work 10+ hours a night, come home sleep for 4 (if I'm lucky). Cook dinner,wash clothes,etc,etc.

    He did clean the table last night. It might not seem like much,but I'll take what I can get.

  10. Oh my! If I had the "maid" in the picture I would be doing everything while he just sat down and relaxed. Hahaha, not really, but wow!

  11. Carlos does his fair share, but right now I'm working hardly at all, so I've been doing more (out of boredom!) But, I have to say my hubby is really hot when he's squeeg-ing the veranda or making salad.

  12. I'm calling b.s. Just because you are less pissed, or relieved doesn't mean you are turned on. Have you ever saw your guy doing the dishes and got on your knees? Have you ever interrupted him from doing the laundry to unbuckle his belt? Would you? Saying this, is a trick and i'm not buying. All you women that said your man does his fair share, does it turn you on?... didn't think so. The rest of the post was good. FYI my wife showed this blog to me, and agrees with me on this point: less pissed does not equal turned on. On the other hand if i knew i would get some boquete every time i did the dishes, i would do A LOT of dishes. So your choice ladies: dishes or...

  13. I have actually beem turned on by my hubs doing the dishes or laundry. Totaly get down let's go