Monday, November 14, 2011

Hot or Too Skinny?

Mr Rant and I were out and about when we saw an attractive woman. I went into full woman flattery, the kind that always makes men wonder if we women aren't truly bi instead of just appreciating the beauty of one of own, when he voiced his disagreement.


The woman was hot! She was thin, dressed well, very pretty face, and even had great hair. What was wrong? In Mr. Rant's opinion, she was too thin.

Here's the thing, she wasn't that thin. She wasn't even close to scary skinny. She was just, in fact, thin. Though to him she could have looked healthy. In actuality, she didn't look unhealthy. I didn't even have the urge to stuff a couple of pieces of bread down her throat nor make a bitchy comment about her diet (or lack there of).

It made me wonder...

While thinness is glorified in most 1st world countries, Brazil still has a healthy appreciation for a good sized ass, full legs and a softer stomach. I will never forget a similar discussion at Ipanema beach, circa 2003, during my first visit.

My brother-in-law and Mr. Rant were checking out this chick. She was hot but, as I pointed out, she had a soft stomach. There was a pooch. How could she be a 10 with a pooch? There answer still makes me smile: "it means she likes beer. That's a good thing."

I must say, I like this attitude. The first time I bitched to Mr. Rant about my cellulite he looked at me confused. "All women have cellulite."

Obviously that comment bit him in the ass but he followed it up in an ok way. He said something along the lines of: women are softer than men. They are supposed to be. All of you have cellulite, unless you are anal retentive with workout and diet, and who wants to be in a relationship with that girl?

He then followed it up with the required husband response of "You are hot! I love your ass." How can you be mad at that.

So while Brazilians, Cariocas especially, are known for their obsessive beauty, they also respect that women come in all shapes and sizes. As one Brazilian male friend said in response to hearing that a mutual friend was embarrassed about the fabulous size of her ass:

"I want to play her like a Cello!"

I must say, let's spread this kind of thinking around a bit more!

Do you have a preference when it comes to women or do you just love us all?


  1. I have these same things when I talk to my husband. I'll say a woman is pretty, but then he'll say she's too thin. I think men in general don't like very thin women and do like to see a bit of plump. All the better for us, right

  2. my man says thin women are not attractive he likes a bit of flesh

  3. There was a fascinating article in the nytimes awhile ago about how plastic surgeons serving Latino clientele in the NY area never performed liposuction on ass/hips, whereas those serving Anglo clients did so all the time. It is great that there is a wide acceptance of women having natural women's bodies. That said, the big ass thing I get, but I'm still not used to the huge leg thing being attractive! Have you seen some of the mannequins here??

  4. Brazil makes me feel like a goddess! I always get a little depressed when I go back to the States, because there are no appreciative stares, no whistles, and there's this insistence on a waif-like beauty standard. I have curves and it's nice that I can show them off here without being branded slutty (as I'm sure my wardrobe here would be labeled in my small town back in the Midwest!) On the other hand, for as much as Brazilian women supposedly like their curvy bodies, there's a HECK of a lot of plastic surgery going on down here, which says volumes about self-image and and true body acceptance.

  5. It just seems that American and Brazilian women are insecure about different body parts. It may be that Brazilian insecurities are less harmful since they usually require plastic surgery while American women really do obsess about weight related issues more frequently it appears. All that weight loss medication can't be good for the body in the long run.

  6. I LOVE the mannequins here! They make me laugh every single time!

    I do have to say that Brazilians like it all. I am waify naturally and I still get some stares here (abet less than my fuller figured friends).

    I agree with Grit, the obsessions are switched. I don't get the HUGE leg thing either. I get strong legs but manly??

    And there is a lot of surgery down here but you also see the larger than life women out in bikinis smaller than the ones I wear. When the Brazilian woman accepts her body she really knows how to show it!

  7. you are lucky to have a healthy husband like that !!!

  8. Humans come in all sizes and shapes. But healthy is healthy. Not 110% athlete style physically fit (I view female marathon runners as unhealthy), but not with body mass moving in multiple directions while walking either.

    Healthy can come in a variety of shapes. Unhealthy, as in obesity, is not attractive to me and the human body reacts in all sorts of negative ways to that condition.

    For me, an "oblique" sense of humor in a healthy (height/weight proportional) body is the sexiest thing there is.

  9. PS: I am opposed to all forms of elective cosmetic surgery. The "ButtPlants" thing I just don't get!

  10. For me personally, I like thin but with curves. I consider myself more of a "boob" guy than an "ass guy" but I do appreciate a pear shaped body. And your hubby is right, all women have cellulite.

    I'm so happy you had to include that men are "harder" then women. Like I said, I'm going on acid and cocaine to make sure I'm thin and "hard" like carioca men.


  11. Brazil is definitely the candy store for us Sir Mix-a-Lot fans.

    Personally, I love the tummy "pooch" (agree with Mr. Rant's reason), strong legs and junk in the trunk - to a point. Mulher Melancia is a bit too much for my taste! However, my cunhados go crazy over her.

  12. Hmm, body snarking is body snarking--I don't think putting thin women down is empowering. Promoting a healthy body and mind is definitely a good thing, but if people are going to preach "people come in all shapes and sizes", then practice it. What if a woman is naturally very thin and gets told she looks anorexic and unfeminine? Just as damaging as telling a curvy woman that she needs to lose a few pounds, no? In a nutshell, be healthy and happy and never make excuses for your body (by putting it down). Like what you've naturally got and be proud!

  13. I kinda think men all over (generally) are more forgiving of women's bodies than women are. Women in Brazil are terribly hard on their own looks, just like American women. My sister-in-law just got lipo on her stomach.

  14. Almost all Caucasian men would go for a beautiful thin woman if they have the option to do so. But not all are able to choose & many settle with less than what they want/dream of.

    Thin (not skinny) is the target. All above that makes a women less attractive and a normal men look to other woman. Especially if he has options.

    Women saying man like their woman a little fatter, try to cover their own imperfections way to much. Fat is fat, and fat is ugly. Hence the reason everyone dreams of being thin.

  15. So, Anon, I guess you are not a big follower of the immortal lyrics of Spinal Tap, from , "Big Bottom", which go something like this, "the bigger the cushion, the better the pushin", and "big bottm, big bottom, talk about mud flaps my babe's got em".

    To each their own.