Sunday, November 13, 2011

Colombian President Wants Cocaine Legalized?!

Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos has called for an international rethink of drug regulations. His line of thinking is fairly obvious in my point of view:

"take away the violent profit that comes with drug trafficking... If that means legalising, and the world thinks that's the solution, I will welcome it. I'm not against it."

Here's the thing though, he's also talking about drugs like cocaine. Let's be honest, if cocaine is legalized, the world will become Colombia's bitch. They will live in a world of "champagne wishes and white powered dreams" while the people of our countries end up paying absurd amounts of money to get their noses put back together.

I, for one, have always been for the legalization of marijuana. First off, while not being the big crash crop for dealers it would hurt them enough. Plus I believe that limiting contact between teenagers who want a couple of joints and dealers who could possibly suggest trying something more fun like E wouldn't be a bad idea. Hell, on top of it the government could make a pretty penny! Let every single government tax the crap out of it and make it the new cash crop.

I must also say that my favorite part of the article was this quote from President  Juan Manuel Santos:

"For example, I would never legalise very hard drugs like morphine or heroin because they are suicidal drugs. I might consider legalizing cocaine if there is a world consensus, because it has affected us most here in Colombia. I don't know what is more harmful, cocaine or marijuana. That's a health discussion. But again, only if there is a consensus."

You don't know which is more harmful, cocaine or marijuana? Really?

I think Mr. President is seeing the potential of that white powder of his turning into gold. I hate to say it but I will be buying an island to live on if Cocaine becomes legal. That shit is hardcore. There will be some definite backlashes of violence if it becomes easier to buy. Sorry but some things are meant to be overpriced and sold in tiny little baggies like in the movies.

Weed however, the more you do the more docile you become. It's like making a cigarette form of Valium available to the public.

I suppose it is a debate of the big brother. Does big brother get to decided everything, somethings, or nothing? All and all I'd have to say I side with the Dutch. Soft drugs are kosher if controlled in a good manner and hard drugs a no no.

A suggestion to you President  Juan Manuel Santos, don't push your luck. You'll be lucky to get the majority of 1st world countries in favor of weed. There's no chance in hell for your cocaine. Pick your battles. Don't worry though, I'm sure all the big players from around the world will keep buying it from you anyway.

What are your thoughts on this?


  1. I think you're right. Enough foreigners head to Colombia and take advantage of the cheap, available (illegal) cocaine. If it were made legal, I can't imagine how that would affect the country and its people.

  2. Cocaine is actually legal in Columbia. Personal use and possession quantities are, like in Brasil, not a crime. That came about after a rather ugly weekend of violence by Pablo Escobar during which he blew up a tourist hotel in Cartegena, a full Avianca airplane, most of the Supreme Court, a Chief of Police, and the list goes on. Not sure which is worse, the drug or the drug dealer.

    I favor mandatory 50 year sentences for selling crack. That drug destroys more people, especially kids, than any other. It is a menace which needs to be eliminated.

    And, speaking of drug dealers, Nem was interviewed by a journalist just a few weeks ago. Some interesting stuff, I never knew he forbade selling crack in Rocinha. Brazil's Number One Thug: Saint Nem, Neither Comedian Nor Martyr

  3. Hum, I don't know if it would be such a bad thing. Taking the power away from the drug dealers theoretically should be a good idea. I could quote Holland, but it's a different society/culture so it's not really a good comparison. Once a drug becomes as widespread as cocaine is it's really difficult to root it out. Also, government control of recreational drugs means they can stop them being cut with more dangerous substances that are usually what cause death, not the actual drug itself in most cases. It's a sensitive issue, not just because of people's feelings on the subject, but how you would go about responsibly legalising something like that.

  4. agree with rachel-up with dope, down with coke! cocaine is EVIL!

  5. I think cocaine and marijuana should absolutely be legalized. I doubt consumption would go up much (that fact that it's illegal is not what is stopping me and I would imagine most people from using it). Legalizing it would bring down the violence which has plagued countries like Colombia, which are in the position they are in due to the very sharp double-edged sword that is the US (the DEA vs. American demand for the drug). It would also probably bring down the price. So, would legalizing cocaine make the rest of the world Colombia's bitch? I highly doubt it. It would just make less dead Colombians (and Peruvians and Mexicans), and allow producer countries to focus on something else other than drug-trafficking and the prevention of drug-trafficking. (Sorry for the rant, but to me the idea that Colombia would "profit" from the legalization of drugs is kind of a backward way of looking at it, as if they were going to "take advantage" of the rest of the world, as opposed to allow the international illegal drug trade to destroy the country, which is what has happened up until now.)

  6. And I should clarify that I can't stand Santos, and this is a huge departure from his previous stance on drugs-- he's from a conservative party which (shocking!) has lots of ties to drug traffickers.

  7. By saying we'd become their bitch I meant ib the cocaine sense, as in they would be in control of a good portion of the stuff. Obviously no 1st world is truly becoming anyone elses bitch but there own, just take the US for example. We are bitch slapping ourselves all over the place.

    Regardless, I can't see good things coming from legalized coke

  8. Easier to regulate and generate tax. Not saying its right but it makes sense.

  9. This is a really tough subject. My gut wants to say "NO, that would be HORRIBLE if they legalized cocaine and hard drugs", but the sad reality is that it really would be easier to control if it were legal.

    If I had to vote for one, I would be screwed because it's just that hard to decide.


  10. Sensible drug laws are a good idea. We've lost the war ion drugs, which if you search the written records, was actually a carefully constructed war on African-Americans in the South. Ronald Reagan's crew started it all (and wrote it down!)