Friday, November 11, 2011

VLOG: The Land of the People Person


  1. At one point during my first year in Rio I discovered that Zona Sul, the grocery store chain, had just begun an online order and delivery service. I thought, what a great and time saving convenience! I mentioned it to a Brasilian friend, who was totally convinced it would never succeed. Why? He told me going to the grocery store is a social event, run into friends and neighbors, talk, have coffee, and the shopping was only secondary. That really helped define for me how different living in Brasil would be. A positive thing, though driving a shopping cart in a mercado should require a license here.

    And, on a completely irrelevant note, we are ending out exile in Niteroi and moving back to Rio, in fact Copacabana! Finally, a landlord with a hint of price reality and who will accept a deposit from a US income earning gringo! I will nominate him for sainthood at the earliest opportunity.

    Niteroi (we are actually in Maria Paula, dog barking capital of the World) is lovely, but when you find yourself enduring the 4 hour round trip to Rio four times a week, it is time to move there.

  2. So, I noticed you cleaned up your desk (as compared to that time you put a picture on FB of your new hair and all anybody commented on was the messy desk -- HA!) ;)

    As for The Land of People Person, I LOVE IT! That is how I have always lived my life, and I think I drove Americans nuts, but boy do I fit right in when we are in Brazil! And my husband is so the opposite. He is always wanting to go in and go out, so he fits in perfectly here in California. I guess that is one of our keys to success in this relationship!

  3. sorry I called during the vlog....can't wait to go back to the fair with you again...I love it...and your dad will too.

  4. how cute!!!
    in switzerland is pretty much the opposite :(

  5. So true! And I love that people always ask about my son when he's not with me, "cade ele?", or if a tiny amount of time has passed since the last "voce viagou?"...they really do notice. And I noticed on my last trip back to the U.S., I'm so much more friendly, and ENJOY small talk and expressing appreciation of people there because I can do it so much better there than I do here. What happened to me? Rio! And Kay, I'm so happy you get to experience the feira with your daughter again soon!

  6. Awww and this is why I freaking love Brazilians. It makes my heart melt! It's just so freaking cute!

    Hey Rachel, They started offering intercambios through my school that go to Rio now, and I'm seriously considering it.

    Blogger meet up?!


  7. I imagine that, albeit all the chit chat, a feira must have advantages over grocery stores. For example most of the supermarkets I use provide the cashier with crappy receipt printers and it takes 15 seconds on average just for that machine to print the legal mumbo jumbo required for that piece of paper (I timed this). If you include specifying the groceries purchased, well, in my case, it usually takes a total of 40 seconds for full printage. Then you still have to compute paying time, and delays (yes, lady with the Amazon plus credits cards in your purse, I'm talking to you) and last but not least bagging issues. It seems baggers must have leprosy or something as most clients refuse to help them. I guess all of this is why one spends so long in those check out lines during peak shopping hours.
    I am assuming of course that usually no receipts change hands when buying from Feirantes. Plus when I have gone Feira it just seems they do things faster, chit chat included.

  8. That's just about right. Living in a small town is that times 1k.
    Also, that applies to work enviroment as well. Foreigners coming to work here, be prepared. Your coworkers are not just someone you work with, personal relationship is a must to succeed. You won't go too far just being efficient and good at what you do. You need to mingle.

  9. Ah the irony. Egypt is the same way. Everyone always assumed that a small town Nebraska girl would have extra culture shock, but if anything, it prepared me all the more! Can't wait for the feira!