Thursday, January 5, 2012

Giveaway: Because I Love You All!

Because I love you all, I will be having the best giveaway ever. This giveaway comes with a quick little story of two friends. A very good friend and I have always had a contest as to who can bring back the tackiest gift from a trip abroad. She currently holds the title for bringing me a stuffed toad keychain and a kangaroo testicles bottle opener.

Anyway, I saw this and thought of her. While lovely it just doesn't beat kangaroo testicles, but it is perfect for my readers. Tacky with a touch of ridiculous all while having a logo representing Rio de Janeiro. It was love at first sight.

A Christ the Redeemer nail clipper. I mean, what home doesn't need this?! And when you think it can't get any better...

You open it and see that it is also a bottle opener. I think this is exactly what Jesus was hoping for when he turned water into wine, a nail clipper/bottle opener in honor of a statue in his honor. Doesn't get much better than this folks.

And since this such an awesomely random item, I'm giving it away to you. I feel it's small enough that I won't get totally screwed with shipping so the world is this clipper/opener's oyster. Anyone can apply to have this badboy.

Also, in case you didn't notice, it's also a keychain. That way you can take your Christ the Redeemer nail clipper and bottle opener with you everywhere.

I know. You are welcome.

To enter please leave a comment stating how awesomely tacky this giveaway item is and an email so that I can easily contact you in case of a win. I will pick a winner Saturday the 14th of January.

For additional entries Tweet about this comment by opting for the tweet share down below and leave me a comment telling me you did it (honor system here people. Christ the Redeemer is watching).

Another additional entry for liking my facebook page: Rachel's Rantings in Rio on Facebook Also leave a comment please.

Good Luck! 


  1. OMG!!!! Rachel!!!


    They aren't the Christ ones, but they are from Buzios. And just to defend my lame gringa self further (as if it will help), I didn't actually purchase them but a friend we were with while in Buzios purchased them for me as a souvenir.

    But still...that is SO FUNNY you posted these and was making fun of them and here I own a pair. I'm such a gringa! LOL

    But whomever wins them...the clippers work REALLY well! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. I can't think of anything that I need more in my life than these nail clippers. No lies no fries, they will be on my keychain forever! My email: Thanks for this giveaway!

  3. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! Rachel, I had to let a comment here to tell you how hard I laughed reading your post/giveaway :D

    Since I´m a Carioca living only 50min away from the Christ, I don´t think it´s fair that I participate so I forfit from it. After all, I can go and buy my awesome tacky christ memorabilia any time I want :p

    But man... I´m still laughing out loud :D

  4. Hmm, as I read this blog from time to time, I get the sense its more about family and nuance, rather than whats really happening in Rio that woudl be of interest to a tourist, frequent vistor, or an expat in Brazil . There are plenty of news sites prviding info about the economy, favela pacification,politics, etc. How about blogging on street life, restaurants, bars, shopping and farmers markets, beach actvity, pop culture (cow parade anyone?), music on the radio, etc. The woman at daily life rio did this before she moved. Combine that approach with your insightful and often wacky rants, and you'll have a hit.

  5. I'm not really a tourist site. There are plenty of those. I discuss the culture and how it is to live here. The little bits are what make up life. If you want to hear about the pacification stuff look in any mainstream newspaper. As for the cow parade, I did write about that.

  6. Anon, after some thought I think you make a valid enough point. Come February, I will make a new page on the blog with more practical information. I'll keep my style and inform you as well.

  7. I would participate but I'm a recovering clutterholic still trying to REDEEM myself from the many tacky keychains of yesteryears.

  8. Man oh man, that's sweet. I've not yet visited Rio. But this tacky souvenir might just make me feel better about that fact. Plus the day that I finally do make it to Rio, and visit Christ, I would take it with me and take a picture and put it on my blog :-)

  9. I'd like these to give to my husband as a gift. We won't be making it to Rio any time soon and he mentioned he wanted to see the big Christ. This would be a marvelous substitute...for the time being. He can drink a soda, clip his nails, and drive the car....all at the same time!

  10. Oh, and my email:

  11. I can buy my own, so don't add me to the list, but I thought these clippers were so awesome I had to re-tweet it for you on both accounts.

    Next time I'm in Buzios I'm totally getting myself one of these.

  12. so i saw a dude clipping his nails as he walked though the subway in copacabana the other day...i can only hope it was with a nail clipper this classy (and, uh, multifunctional, so he could go get a beer afterwards...)

  13. Wow, awesomely cheesy. I wonder what the next thing they will think of selling with a Christ statue plastered all over it...?

    I could sure use a Cristo shaped back massage thing too....


  14. My favorite was the little gold Havaiana keychain with the Christo on the sandal straps. My daughter and I kept blurting, "Got some Jesus on my shoe!".

    We're going to hell.

  15. most awesome giveaway ever. i tweeted, too. love.

  16. I have always referred to a bottle opener as a "church key" (good companion to the so-called christ the redemer statue).- Put me in the mix. I'd love to own this! Fingers crossed.

  17. I've always said, "if only I could cut my nails WHILE opening my front door and a cracking open a Brahma (which are surprisingly hard to come by here in the states)". Now I know it IS possible. And to top it off, this one has Cristo de redentor to boot! My dreams really have been answered. Brilliant. Fingers crossed as well!


  18. Marmelada! As regras mandavam deixar um comentário e um e-mail.
    Shelley - cujo forte não é a atenção - não deixou o e-mail. Deveria ser desclassificada.