Monday, January 30, 2012

Do I Look Fat in this Thong?

It seems that Brazil's expanding waist size is getting international press. Apparently Brazilian companies are, gasp, making larger bikinis!! Oh the insanity of it all. 

I stumbled upon this random article discussing how Brazilian bikini companies are finally making plus sizes. 

I can not deny that Brazil is getting fatter as it seems the entire world is. What I can say though is that the selling of "plus size" bikinis is not necessarily because of that. In my humble opinion, someone has finally jumped in to make mega money in an area where there has always been a demand but very little supply. 

When I walked into my first bikini shop in Rio I almost had a heart attack. The things the woman kept giving me to try on were obviously not my size. Hell, I was losing money on both sides on the bottom (losing money is a slang for your crack showing). 

That is when the saleswoman so graciously pulled the bottom up my bottom. She exclaims "This is how you wear it" with a laugh. 

"Excuse me, isn't this essentially the same as a thong???"

You could see the poor stupid gringa looks spread throughout the store. Silly American doesn't know how a bikini bottom really should fit. 

Thankfully things have been slowly but surely changing. I noticed, shortly after the birth of my oldest, that there were more slightly larger bikini options.  Keep in mind that these "larger" bottoms would still make most N. Americans blush.  

I am a proud owner of a couple of pairs of these great fitting "larger" bikini bottoms. My beach style has gotten far more active with the kiddos. Goodness knows no one wants to get an eyeful of kitty while building a sandcastle. 

The thing is not all Brazilian women look like Gisele or The Girl from Ipanema. Media always posts pictures of the women who do because, let's be honest, they are ridiculously hot. But the fact is that Brazilian women have junk in the trunk. They are gorgeously curvy. We have all kinds of shapes and sizes happening down here and that is nothing new. 

While Brazilians have always accepted women of all shapes and sizes, it seems they are only now willing to dress them as well.


  1. Both times I've been to Rio, I've NEVER put on a bikini there. Not a gringa one and certainly not a Rio one.

    And as long as I live, I will NEVER be on the beach in Rio in a bikini. LOL

    A wet suit maybe....but not a bikini.

    1. May I ask why? If you aren't comfortable, fair enough. If it is a body hate thing I suggest going for the bikini and not worrying about it :)

  2. I think it is absolutely wonderful that women of all sizes wear tiny bikinis in Brazil. It is an inspiration. When I see a 60 year old woman of size wearing a tiny bikini -- it makes my heart sing!

  3. I sported around my 9 month prego body down the beach in Brazil with zero shame! No one even gave me a second glance :) I love the freedom you have here!

  4. Brasilians are most definitely gaining weight. Another maintenance issue!

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  6. My first time there I wore my super American bikini bottoms. Not so good -- Lot's of attention. And although I have never busted out the thong bikini (just not my style) I have mostly bikini bottoms that are Brazilian now, you know, the "large ones" where the back is as skinny as the front. Now I blend in and I feel confident in them. I wear them whenever I am not in California (such as Brazil or Mexico), but here I must use my American style ones. Thank goodness for Target and cheap bikini bottoms here so I can save my money for the better ones there.

    (Deleted my previous comments do to too many typos -- drives me crazy!)

  7. Sounds like another Brazilian Double Standard to me.......


    1. What do you mean?! Bikinis are increasing in size for everyone young and old. how can it be "double standard"?

      My wife was 6 month pregnant and continue to go the beach with a brazilian bikini (larger size)in Long Island (as any good Carioca would), no one threw stone at us but there were a few eyebrows raised (it was a bit entertaining for us at least)

    2. I mean, I've read articles saying how Brazilians are now fat here in the US, in US news sources. I mean, if we should be making a big deal out of fat people, we should not look to Brazil to do so. There is no way there are more fat people than here: it's physically impossible.

      No biggie though.

    3. There is no dispute that people are fatter in the US. None from me, at least. But the point was, Brasilians are getting fatter. And they are. Then, as they reach the point where it becomes a health issue, they will find it impacts the health care system, higher premiums for private care and more demands on the already stressed public healthcare systems.

      Not just the beach scenery will be impacted.

  8. A golden star for Rachel! Love the title and article (you know how to lift the mood up :))!

  9. I agree with PTRio: people are getting fatter and now would be the best time to act, before this behavior becomes ingrained. If new dietary habits are forming due to an increase in income then why not explain to consumers that it's best to add items such as Olive Oil, rather than more starch? And do it before public health costs, via SUS, explodes.
    Public service anouncements can be useful at times, but they need to be planned out and consistent. Take this guy for example
    I remember him, and his message, til this day.

    And enough with romanticizing the fatties in skimpy bathing suits. Wrong. And just as wrong as Havaiana abuse.
    I propose scarlet letters for infractors.

    @ PTRio
    "Another maintenance issue!"

  10. This reminds me of an old Alkaselzer ad called "No Matter What Shape Your Shape Is In" in which they show various people, slim and fat while doing the publicity of the product.

  11. I see Alex, but I agree with PTRio and TGP about this one. it is a fact. Actually Larry Rohter (NY times reporter that Brazil loves to hate) wrote about this some time ago
    I guess it is a side effect of having more disposable income and bad eating habits.

  12. My mother went to Brazil on business about ten years ago and brought me back a bikini (I think she brought it as more of a joke). The top was literally like string with two patches that could be make super small so they only cover the nipples. Needless to say I never did where that thing in Texas.