Saturday, February 18, 2012

Inside the Bloco: Rio de Janeiro Carnaval

Last night I went to the scene of my very first bloco of my very first Carnaval during my very first visit to Rio de Janeiro. That was in 2003 and the same bloco is still going on in 2012. It has changed a bit. The 50 friends have multiplied into one hell of a scene.

None the less, it still has the family feel and I really enjoyed travelling down memory lane last night. Here are some videos for you to see for yourself.


  1. Still don't see the fun of it. Only like the Ipanema bloco's as there are at least some attractive people around. The other once are full of Rio's lower class...and thus Rio's ugly. This being said, I'm enjoying Buzios as we speak. Way more fun & style.

    1. Wow Gio, a bit harsh. I suppose you are just being honest with your feelings though. Personally I enjoy the blocos on my side. Then again, I'm not quite as concerned about the physical beauty of those around me as I am about the good time we are all having.

      Have fun in Buzios. Always a great place to visit!

  2. It seems strange that you enjoy the Buzios scene so much yet bother to check in on The Bloco thing going on in Rio, via the same blog where you communicated your distaste for Rio street celebrations before.
    One could derive that it's actually more important for you to say that you are in Buzios than to actually engage and enjoy the atmosphere over there. Maybe, in the end, you despise the popular celebrations and the "ugly" people because, well, not so long ago this was the social strata you belonged to, and still feel it to be the one which you resemble.
    Oh, Feliz Carnaval.

  3. @ Rachel; yeah, maybe a little... but I say my thoughts, regardless what others think about it. Learned it the hard way that this is for my own good.

    @ Gritty: I check all things out, at least once in my life. If not, I'm not entitled to speak about it. Hence the reason I went to Ipanema bloco's (nice girls there). I wasn't born rich, but as an average middle class European. Though, thanks to hard work & the right decisions made my life (happy, intense, successful & financially very stable) at a pretty young age.