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Sunday, January 22, 2012

What is the Line before Rape?

I have always hated the show Big Brother. Nothing more annoying than watching a bunch of posers try to look cool 24/7 on camera. I have to say though, maybe these fame whores and the show that happens around them have a point.

Everyone has their opinions about the Big Brother Brasil rape. Some are actually so mentally slow and evil that they say the girl deserved it. A drunk girl means an easy score. Her fault. Seriously, the people who believe that make me want to hammer nails into a bat and go hunting. Sorry for the mental image, I blame the book I'm reading The Hunger Games. It woke up a slightly bitter survivor wannabe in me.

Anyway, this show is creating a dialog. It has people talking about what is and isn't ok, because some people obviously ride on such a freaking short bus that they can't see the flashing line that says "SO NOT OK!"

Regardless, dialogs are important. A society has to talk about rape, boundaries, labels, and such. We have to get rid of petty and dangerous stimgas. Whores, deserved it, how a woman is "supposed" to act... This is not ok stuff. As someone who has had her own experiences with what I'll call unwanted male attention, I know how small it makes you feel. You can break a person that way.

Getting off the subject here. Sadly Monique Amin had to experience what she did. That is not something I would wish on anyone. At the very least it has started an international discussion, quite possibly (though unlikely), opening some eyes.

Lastly, shame on you Globo! You make the big stealing scummy companies of my country look like little girls playing at evil. 


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