Sunday, January 22, 2012

What is the Line before Rape?

I have always hated the show Big Brother. Nothing more annoying than watching a bunch of posers try to look cool 24/7 on camera. I have to say though, maybe these fame whores and the show that happens around them have a point.

Everyone has their opinions about the Big Brother Brasil rape. Some are actually so mentally slow and evil that they say the girl deserved it. A drunk girl means an easy score. Her fault. Seriously, the people who believe that make me want to hammer nails into a bat and go hunting. Sorry for the mental image, I blame the book I'm reading The Hunger Games. It woke up a slightly bitter survivor wannabe in me.

Anyway, this show is creating a dialog. It has people talking about what is and isn't ok, because some people obviously ride on such a freaking short bus that they can't see the flashing line that says "SO NOT OK!"

Regardless, dialogs are important. A society has to talk about rape, boundaries, labels, and such. We have to get rid of petty and dangerous stimgas. Whores, deserved it, how a woman is "supposed" to act... This is not ok stuff. As someone who has had her own experiences with what I'll call unwanted male attention, I know how small it makes you feel. You can break a person that way.

Getting off the subject here. Sadly Monique Amin had to experience what she did. That is not something I would wish on anyone. At the very least it has started an international discussion, quite possibly (though unlikely), opening some eyes.

Lastly, shame on you Globo! You make the big stealing scummy companies of my country look like little girls playing at evil. 


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  1. Yeah the whole thing is really just weird and gross. I mean who does that? This freaking Daniel or whatever the hell his name is should be punished. I don't know if jail would be the right place for him because he'd probably just rape the other inmates. I would suggest the removal of his reproductive organs (the two boys) as a punishment. Sounds harsh but it would prevent problems in the future.

    And I hate to ask this question, but the girl denies the fact that it happened. It makes me wonder if she has no clue it happened and is just denying it?

    God bless her.


  2. I haven't commented on this once since it was broadcast/reported on but I think it's horrible and cheap (Globo...since when do you need to get more people to tune into BBB?) and hopefully things will change, VALUES will change. I'm not a value pounder but this BBB stuff is pretty crap at this point. I swear to god, every single time I've travelled within Brazil during a BBB segment time, if the tv's aren't tuned to futebol, everyone is watching BBB, FOR HOURS and hours. They PAY for it (ppv). I remember once in Fortaleza, everything stopped so that everyone could watch an episode...still don't get it. And everyone on the show is going to either do a product endorsement or a spread in Playboy. I feel very badly for the girl, but I also think this show is pedalling this crap. This show promotes something that is not real. It's all fake, except rape. I hope this is that last season, but something inside tells me it won't be.

  3. Needless to say, I totally agree with you Rachel and Alex.

    I often find myself just getting really mad at penises in general and wanting to "fix" the entire male population just to thwart anymore problems...HAHAHAHAHA

    I really hope this girl gets some counseling and rape charges are brought against this guy!

    Any guy that takes advantage of a girl is not only a RAPIST but a COWARD as well. I hope he goes to prison and gets raped himself!

  4. Faça das palavras de Carlos Nascimento as minhas:

  5. I have't heard the key words here yet. RAPE is NOT SEX. RAPE IS VIOLENCE against the will of the woman. If she is passed out, she cannot express her will. That in no way gives any male the right to violate her. Yes, the guys involved should be criminally charged if the evidence is sufficient to hold up in court. I haven't see this program so I can't make that assessment. However, I would castigate the whole voyeur population who think it's OK to watch a rape scene. Perhaps all this discussion will help change the minds of the Macho minds of the Brazilian male population about how they treat womem, not as a piece of meat but as a fellow human being. I'd like a few wacks with that bat with nails before you discard it Danielle.

  6. I can proudly say that I haven't watched Globo TV since the late 90's when we left Brazil and I don't miss it a bit.
    Globo is Brazil's ultimate evil corporation who protected the Brazilian dictarship and helped them remain in power for so long, while thriving under the wings.
    If Daniel had sex with the dumb freak, off course it was rape, period. He should suffer the consequences and do some jail time as demanded by law.
    But I wouldn't be surprised if this whole story is found to be just a "promotional" stunt by Globo to increase ratings!


  7. but come on, she says nothing happened, she admitted it was more of a show. we're buying into sensationalism.

  8. Now another woman has come forward to describe this guy's totally inappropriate sexual behavior when she was his roommate in Italy 6 years ago. The woman on BBB may denie it was rape -- but I'm still not liking this guy...

  9. And she didn't feel any pressure? Did you not see the video. It's quite obvious down to his jack rabbit movements. Total chester molester

  10. The line before rape is "no", or any individual unable to say "yes" or "no".

  11. Consent is not just not saying no. It's so much more. The moment a person is at all drunk they can't give consent. It makes me so upset when I hear stories like this. There is so much the world still does not understand about sexual assault. In Canada it was still legal to rape your own wife until the 1980s. Hard to believe. Thanks for writing this post because you're right, this is a crucial dialogue to have.

  12. Stephanie

    If you don't get why Brazilians are SO into BBB (or soap operas for that matter), I'll try to make you understand that. It's simple! Brazilians thrive on gossip. It's a gossip culture. People love to know about somebody else's business. People are unapologetic nosy. It's just the manifestation of the Mediterranean cultural legacy (Portugal+Italy+Spain+Lebanon) in our culture. Go to one of these mentioned countries and you'll see the same s***t going on, if not even worse, specially in Portugal.

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  14. ugh I hate globo. I didn't watch it so I can't really comment. But globo is similar Fox in the US.

    But really if it was sexual assault and he doesn't get charged....... wtf. Well, I'm so glad we can video tape something here in Brazil and nothing will happen to the criminal. It reminds of all the videos of corrupt politicians floating around. Maybe it's time for us to start demanding results....

  15. I haven't heard about this incident but it doesn't surprise me. If you've ever seen The Real World on MTV, you can see that they set up a recipe for disaster. Those shows completely disgust me (but I know that wasn't your point).

  16. Reality tv isn't often that real, so who knows the true story but the producers. But it would be sad and shocking if it wasn't "edited/spunt/etc" for the publicity, and the producers didn't step in to stop something like this from happening.