Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hipsters take over Rio de Janeiro

The hipster revolution is at full throttle.  I've been ignorant to the war on the fashion forward but my husband's lovely cousin has opened my eyes to the hipster movement.

I'm sure you've all seen them. They are the middle class, normally white, youth sporting Grandma's old handbags and earrings.  They bust out the skinny jeans in the form of second skin and have taken leggings to a whole new level.  They mix and match colors and patterns, generally creating a new "fashion".

It's a wonderful trend to have your teen follow, although a true hipster would cringe at being referred to as a trend.  Your teens will opt to spend mere dollars on a used t-shirt. They will stop asking for $13 or R$16 to go see the latest action flick.  Instead, this new breed of anti-mainstream (which is far from being new. Originals have been hipsters before even knowing their classification) will be attending cult film festivals and underground music shows.

That's where the Rio de Janeiro hipster revolution has a wonderful advantage over many cities.  This city is a hub of independent film festivals and theaters.  New groups are as abundant as new STDs.  One pops up every stinking minute.  They may have an issue finding a decent hoody but Rio de Janeiro doesn't really call for that kind of thing. They can hipsterize other type of attire.

So Cariocas, throw out your platforms and Nikes, and pick up some Vans or Converse (worn in of course).  Start memorizing random music trivia, the more random the better.  Read some obscure books.  Watch even more obscure movies.  Check out this guide on how to be a hipster:  How to be a Hipster

While I find the hipster population to be totally harmless and quite enjoyable, that's not always the case. Here's a article that feels quite differently: Hipster subculture.  I will say that I prefer the original hipsters.  I have a couple of friends that have been busting out the hipster flavor since before I even knew what it was.  But if you want to join the group, brush the dust of Grandpa's old polyester pants, find yourself a tight plaid shirt, and get some wide rimmed glasses.

And last but not least, a very entertaining hipster blog Hipster Runoff


  1. Rio definitely has its fashion forward set. Sorry to say I have left those years behind me... But I still enjoy an edgy party!

    Check out this Rio blog for a current view of things. http://rioetc.blogspot.com/

  2. Hi Rachel - not a comment about hipsters...just a comment to say I like the new format of your blog! Liked the previous one as well. Both are visually appealing. Keep up the good blog!

  3. Thanks! I was just going to ask people if they liked the new layout :)

  4. love the new format...and your dad has some polyester and a few plaid shirts from the 80's if Daniel is interested

  5. And I'd like to add that I think you should be a writer for Saturday Night Live or some other comedy show because you are too funny and make me laugh every day, regardless of the topic. You really do have a talent for humor!! As for the new layout, it's easy to read (as was the previous one) and the pictures...well they are just too perfect!!!


  7. http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i413/faceface1231/IMAG0137.jpg

    Here's your REAL Hipster