Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mother of the Year?

I'm so not winning Mother of the Year this year. Ok, so maybe I'm being a little hard on myself. I won't be winning Mother of the day.

It started when I showed up at my pre-schooler's school for what they call "officina".  Basically, the parents go and help get all the arts ready for the festa Junina they are planning in a couple of weeks (see: Festa Junina). My husband had read the little note in Luka's agenda and told me I needed to go today.  I brought my toddler, because I had no one to leave him with, and headed over at 4pm. I got there and when I saw Luka I told him he couldn't come do the project with me. Fit, fit and then I realized that he was supposed to come and do it with me. Oops.  Missed that. No biggie.

We got to our spot with the other parents and kids and waited. They brought the design for the t-shirt we were making and I waited for them to bring the shirt.  At this point my toddler was getting anxious so one of the helpers took him over to the playground. Luka and I continued to wait. My toddler was then brought back to me screaming. Someone missed Mommy and he sat with us.

I was trying to entertain Luka sitting next to me and Rafa in my lap when a huge box full of stuff behind me was knocked over. Oops again. It was Rafa.  He had reached over my shoulder and pulled it down, and out went everything that was inside.

I was assured it was ok and then was asked, "where's Luka's shirt to paint?".  I told them I hadn't been given one yet. I got the 'Oh I feel so sorry for you' look and then was told, by Luka's teacher, that I was supposed to bring it. Rafa was crying and whining again at this point, Luka was whining and asking why he wasn't painting with his friends and their Mommies, and I felt like a big pile of crap.  I looked at Luka, trying to make it into something fun instead of a Mommy blew it moment, and told him we were going to leave school early and go buy some new paint and paint at home! So much fun! He didn't see it.

Long story short, we left and got paint. My poor disappointed pre-schooler totally took advantage and asked to get one of the treats they sell at the gas station near my house.  I shelled out R$8.10 for a lollipop.  It is a Batman lollipop, is the size of his forearm, and lights up like a flashlight so I could see it being R$5 but R$8?!  I bought it. He's eating it. I'd never have let him have something like that in a different situation. Good for him for negotiating well, if you can call it that.  On the bright side, I had no arguments about him eating the "green stuff" on his dinner plate. He had to in order to get the lollipop afterward.

Side note of things that made me feel like crap:  Went to the pediatrician to make sure my toddler's bronchitis is just that. He gave me a cough syrup to give him at night. He said he doesn't normally do that but it seems like I need it. Rafa obviously wasn't sleeping well at night.  Apparently I look tired. Thank you charming pediatrician, (Charming pediatrician) I think I'm going to have to take that title away from you now.

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  1. I can relate to resorting to bribery, so to speak! Lucky for us, we can walk to an Italian gelateria (ice cream shop) that is literally minutes away from our home. A rarity in Houston! So whenever the occasion calls for it, I can somehow always make up for any of my screw ups (or need to get my toddler to do something) by dangling the "would you like a gelato?" card in front of her. So far it works every time, and thankfully, it's real gelato so I rationalize to myself that at least she's getting a small ration of whole milk! With a bunch of sugar to boot ;-) Hey, whatever works............