Friday, August 20, 2010

3 wishes

Wishes are a tricky thing. Hell, if they weren´t there wouldn´t be the phrase " Be careful what you wish for"

If I had 3 wishes today, here´s what I´d wish for:
1.For my breasts to be back in their pre-breastfeeding/pre-pregnancy condition. 
2. For my 19 month old to sleep 13 hrs straight every night and wake up happy
3. To be independently SUPER wealthy

# 1 is superficial. What can I say? I´m a superficial girl in a superficial world. Seriously though, give a girl a break.  Actually, give the girls a break.  They were pretty darn good in their hay day.  And implants just aren´t the same. So Fairy Godmother, a little lift and fill please.

#2 is because I´m at the point of prayer. I´m totally out of options and don´t know what to do. I´m almost considering co-sleeping...

#3 is because money makes things easier.  Does it buy happiness?  Well, those who don´t have it seem to say no.  I think it creates ease.  I would want my husband to keep working and I would become a lady that lunches. Only sounds fair right? Hey now, I created life, twice.  I think I can retire now.  In all seriousness, I think people need goals and a reason to get out of jammies in the morning.  Ok, Daniel at least has to get a hobby.

My 3 yr old´s 3 wishes:
1. For everything at his 4th birthday party to be from Ben 10.
2. A Ben 10 watch
3. A Ben 10 bedspread

That´s from the horse´s mouth people.  Isn´t it amazing how much simpler it is for a 3 year old!  

In all seriousness, I could come up with some deep ones but what´s the fun in that.  Let someone else wish for world peace and tell me what simple or frivolous things you´d wish for.  Pretty please with a big old fairy on top!


  1. Rachel,

    Natural recipe for your son to sleep 13 hours straight:
    Boil 1 cup of milk with a small bunch of fresh mint ( Hortela in Brazil ), put the mint with leafs, steam and all in the milk.
    Give your boy the minty boiled milk with some honey...he will fall a sleep and stay asleep good, it is stronger than Benadryl...

  2. 1. I wish I could go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow 40 weeks pregnant and ready to pop the kid by natural birth in 30 minutes of labor. Hey, where did those last 2 months go? That would be darn good.
    2. I wish I could teletransport myself anywhere I wanted with the strength of my thought. Family issue requiring my presence? I'm there. Ate so much wish I'd close my eyes and when I open them I'm laying in bed with my jammies with the kid tuck in bed and sound asleep, but still have a 70km drive home with a wide awake dirty kid in the back seat - in a blink. Friends are meeting for beers and I'm 1500km away - not a problem. Friend's wedding in a wednesday night in Niteroi - just get me a map. In need of mom's lap? Only a blink away.
    3. Money - who are we kidding? It may not buy happiness, but it definetly can buy most things that would bring me happiness.

    Those are my 3 down-to-earth (as much as I can be dte) wishes... at least today.

    The fantasy wishes, though by no means less serious, are:
    1. Attend Hogwarts.
    2. Fall in eternal love with Edward Cullen while having him fight for me with Jacob Black.
    3. Be able to sing.

  3. 1. To be SUPER wealthy.
    2. To be SUPER healthy.
    3. Three more wishes.