Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just call me...

What is with me and medical professionals... well, medical professionals and their sidekicks (pharmacist).

I went to get some anti-pest medicine for myself. My little one is still battling the ever strong beast Giardia and I think, maybe, that could be my issue as well.

So I get the stuff* and the pharmacist tells me no alcohol. And then he accentuates the point by saying, not one drop.

Ok, fair enough.  I go home and find a moment for one of my secret hobby. I love to read the little papers in the medicine. I love to know how they work.

I read it and was satisfied with my new knowledge when I realized, it didn't mention alcohol. Hmmm, weird.  So that peaked a new curiosity. What would happen?  Would I faint? Would the medicine not work? Would my stomach blow up like coke and pop rocks? Come on, we all know those stories are true!

Got to love Americans. American sites said to limit alcohol because it could exacerbate the side effect of dizziness.  What? I almost gave up my nightly glass of wine for that?! 

So it got me thinking. Maybe he thought I was an alcoholic. You know, like most woman carrying an 18 month old are. 

Then I remembered the proctologist.

So my initial review thus far, from medical personnel and their sidekicks, is that I'm an anal sex loving alcoholic.  Hmmm, food for thought. Maybe I should start dressing better...

*albendazol: one 400mg tablet once a day for 5 days. Fyi: good to do once a year living in Brazil


  1. You're not saying there is anything wrong with being an anal sex alcoholic, are you? Just checking. =8^)

  2. I think I just laughed so hard I just peed in my pants a little bit

  3. How does that work? Do you get alcohol shoved right up your a**? Must be an interesting kind of thrill. This is really the place for sharing...
    As for your dilemma, I guess the alcohol would get the giardia stinkin drunk and she wouldn't find her way out, could get stuck somewhere inconvenient...