Thursday, August 12, 2010

He's just a little Soccer pawn

Being in a relationship is hard enough, but being in a relationship in Rio de Janeiro when you are cheering for opposing teams, is even harder. 

No, I did not jump the Botafogo ship. I think that would be grounds for divorce in my relationship.  I'm talking about a little situation I noticed at my kids' school. 

There's this sweetheart in my oldest's class that always sports Flamengo shirts.  I took it for granted that his parents are Flamengistas. Hell, his birthday was even Flamengo themed. 

So imagine my surprise today when this little guy comes in wearing head to toe Botafogo gear.  Hmmmmm.  Also interesting information, his parents are recently separated.  I'm guessing one of the two never pushed their team. 

That seems common.  One person in a personal relationship with competing teams has to bow out and take the high road.  Considering Flamengistas don't know where the high road is, it's obvious the Botafoguense would have to. 

Yes, I'm aware that was a low blow and Hello, been married to the guy for almost 7 years now. It's going to sink in. 

The little gossip bird told me that the separation was very amicable.  I really doubt it is under the surface if one parent is throwing the kid Flamengo themed party one day and the next day the other is sending them to school in a Botafogo uniform.  Just saying.  Unless someone has multiple personalities who aren't speaking to each other, no one in the country of Brazil would be that crazy.  And we crazy down here!


  1. I will not mention then, my little conversation with Luka a few weeks ago where he told me he's both Botafogo and Flamego, right after he asked MArcus for a Fluminense shirt. LOL sometimes kids have a mid of their own or maybe thjey just don't care that much, black and white is just as pretty as black and red, and why can't we all win and be friends? Or maybe separations are always hard on kids, no matter what, and he's trying to please both. I know my kid lives in a war at home. A war which mom usually wins, as long as she's not trying to get to daddy for some reason. Yes, she is related to the great goal keeper Malandrovski.
    BTW - gorgeous picture. If you ever post something about feeling like crap I'll come over personaly to kick your ass. Being that you're way out of Daniel's league (sorry DJ, if you consider not ever hiring me again there's a compliment following), his BOROGODÓ must be something special.

  2. Ahem - I will assume,for the sake of our continued relationship, that your off-hand swipe at us Flamengistas was meant with love in your heart.

    This deeply personal association with futebol teams makes for great cross cultural teaching in my English classes.

    Best of luck in your familial machinations.

  3. Luka is still Flamengo and Botafogo. I told him that it would make Daddy sad and Luka suggested that we just not tell him. That's my boy ;)

    Oh Jim, Of course it's out of love. I come from an I love you but... you are being an ass, those jeans make you look fat etc family.

  4. Comment not related to the post...just to say I like the new design of your blog and...if that's a picture of you in a bikini, what's your secret? And you've got 2 kids? Um...please share your secret my dear!!

  5. Thank you! The secret is that my friend took that photo before I had kids :)

  6. Don't be fooled Jean, she hasn't changed at all. I have pictures to prove.

  7. I bet Thais is the one telling the truth! ;-)