Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Drowning in stool

Warning, this is a Mommy post and not a pretty one.

I have been turned into a professional stool sample taker.  It´s all I do. When they see me walking up to the door of the lab we use, they start pulling out the cups.*

Moms are known for many things. Some Moms make cookies, some paint with their kids, many spend the day at the park. If my life continues like this, my kids will remember me for yelling 'No no, hold it a second longer! I need to get the cup!' 

We are on borderline ridiculous people!  There is nothing grosser than opening your fridge in the morning to grab the milk and getting an eyeful of the brown ugly.  Seriously, there is nothing kosher about poo. 

This is my last war on the giardia!  I´m done!

Should we get a clean sample, I´m no longer giving my children water, taking them to the beach, or feeding them fruits and veggies.  It´s Coke, processed foods, sitting on the couch, and nuggets all the way baby.  Wait a second, I think I just figured out why we don´t have this problem in the states...

* (Fyi: In Brazil you go to private labs to get your tests done. You can also pick up any sample cups you need from there.)


  1. A friend of mine picked up giardia while traveling and it took her about a year to finally be rid of it. I don't envy your situation. Can you get reliable water filters in Brazil? I have a light weight one for camping that has so far never failed me. I'm finding some wood to knock on now.

  2. I have a great water filter. The problem is ocean water, bath water, and goodness knows whatever else my little monkeys manage to put in their mouth.

    Gustavo, you are right. I do make cookies. Luckily for us all, I also wash my hands.

  3. Hi! I've been wondering how you're all doin'? I think it's probably just bad luck, chance...that kind of thing. This will pass! I promise. Hang in there. You're an awesome Mom. That's why our kids have MOMS...we deal with it, no matter what. No matter what defcon of discusting it brings us to. Another friend of mine just had bouts of lice infestations and ear infections with her two little ones (all that occurred while visiting back in the US), these things happen! I promise you a bottle of of good vinho tinto when we meet up someday. You need and deserve no less querida! = )