Wednesday, August 25, 2010

White Flag

Symptoms of Physical Exhaustion
  • Stomach Pain
  • Fever
  • Anger
  • Chest Pain
  • Insomnia

I have 3 out of 5! Woo Hoo!  I´m lacking anger and fever.

Yes, yet another exhausted post. This is my first opportunity to sit in front of the computer and it only won over the couch because I´m quite attached to the idea of daily posting.

I had the kids all morning, cooking responsibilities, school drop off, then two back to back English classes. After my 330 to 430 class, it was back to the school for 'oficina'.  Oficina is parent activity hour with the kids. We parents go there and make something for some event with our kids.  This week is literary week so we made the beginnings of our kids´ costumes for tomorrow´s festivities.

Finally home, make dinner, feed people (fast and easy dinner today), Daddy bath time, and then bed. Oh, then my evening class.  Ugggg, long day. 

Let´s add to it a baby with bronchitis.  Fun times peeps.  The only thing that saved me is that my Saint of a hubby let me sleep in until 830am this morning!  Sadly, the Saint is leaving me tomorrow for a 9 day snowboarding excursion with his buddies.  Hey, even Saints need time off, right?


  1. Hats off to you Rachel for surviving a very long and exhausting day. It is tough, I know. I somehow just managed to survive (barely) 1 month alone with my little one (hubby was in Rio for a month!) so if you need to trade survival tips, feel free to holler...

    p.s. make sure you've got your favorite bottle of wine at the ready!

  2. I thought of you today Jean. I don´t know how you do it for 2 weeks, much less a month!! Cheers to do! I´ll have to take you out for a Mom´s evening when you get down here and the Daddies can babysit the kids

  3. Oh and another thing...stock up on what you can before hubby leaves so you don't have to go out as often for necessities...

    And take up any offers for babysitting from close mommy friends rescued me when I was alone for a month by offering me a few hours "off" to be alone. Saved my a**!

  4. I'm all for MNO!! (Mothers Night Out!) yes! ;-)

  5. Rachel,

    I love reading your blog entries..welcome to crazy city of Rio!


  6. Another tip: conserve your energy and pace yourself (do the minimum necessary to get through the day) because you're in a 9-day marathon.

    This weekend my hubby leaves again for Rio for 2 weeks, so we'll be a similar boat!