Monday, August 23, 2010

A few of my favorite things

These are a few of my favorite things, whiskers on kittens, store bought mittens, and waiting for 2.5 hours at urgent care...

For starters, everything is A-Ok, which is kind of annoying after over 2 hours.  I spent the weekend with chills and a fever, plus shortness of breath.  It was voted on by my husband and mother and decided that I needed to get checked out today. This voting system shows I´m even more Brazilian than I thought.

So it´s a virus.  Thankfully so.  I hate taking antibiotics or any medicine for that matter.  Of course, after about 1.5 hours in Urgent care, your mind starts going a little crazy. You start thinking that they´d better find something, anything.  It could be anemia, a parasite, tennis elbow, a pimple, I don´t care what it is but after this long FIND SOMETHING! 

It´s so frustrating to know you "wasted" time. Of course it´s not wasted. Better to be safe than sorry. Then again, I would have preferred my unsafe and sorry ass in bed watching a movie during my free time but what´s done is done. 

It just all comes down to my kids. Sure, sure, blaming the little ones again.  But it is their fault.  I have two little men I adore and that makes me realize that I have to be immortal. There´s no way around it. I can not break their hearts, I can not trust anyone else to raise them like I do, and I just basically have to be here forever.  That need for immortality, oddly enough, just seems to accentuate the fact that I am, in fact, mortal. 

Ah well, what can you do?  You get sick and see a doctor. They get sick and they see a doctor. Hell, my kids look sideways and they see a doctor.  They really shouldn´t expect any less from their Momma. 


  1. Feel better asap Rachel! It's never fun to have to wait, wait, wait. Grrrr. I can totally relate to the need for immortality for the sake of kids. Having kids makes a parent much more painfully aware of the value of health and well-being. Mommy's health is that much more precious once little ones come along!

  2. Thanks Jean! I´m doing much better now!