Monday, August 30, 2010

Project work out

So I´m finally going to try to get back in shape after my second child.  I figure this second child is almost 2 now so maybe I should get on it already.

But what to do?!  I feel like I have an endless amount of options in Laranjeiras/Flamengo alone

I checked out a dance studio near my place. It looked good but I just couldn´t see myself busting out belly dancing.  That´s the spot that I feel needs the most work, like I want to show it off and shake the jelly around. Going to have to go with no.

I did find out that they have half off pilates (during certain hours) at the same studio. Of course all the slots were full.  I really wanted to have a go at those pilates machines! And it´s "core" exercising, right?  I´m on the waiting list. 

Ok, so that leaves me with the gym.  Oh man, I really don´t think I can pull that one off again. Weights and cardio, aerobics and weird sweaty old dudes asking me where I´m from every freakin´ day.  I just don´t have the stamina anymore to pump myself up literally and figuratively.  Next

Running?  I tried but the whole self motivation thing is really challenging my exhaustion and laziness.  Not to mention my bad hips.

Yoga... Walk softly and carry a big stick, so here I go. I hate it. Oops, that wasn´t soft at all. It´s so boring people!  And so stretchy. Stretchy and boring!  Man, I´m never going to be in the cool crowd, am I?

Rock climbing. I´ve tried that before. Coordination and chafing issues.

So what to do?!  I really want to get some muscle tone back and just improve my overall shape.  My goal is to have it figured out this week.  I have around 4 months until we go stateside for a Christmas visit. I will gain at least 10lbs on this trip.  It happens every time. I don´t know how.  I think it´s magic. Or maybe it´s the 200 boxes of pop-tarts I consume upon landing. 

Anyway, any suggestions would be welcome. Let´s figure out Rachel´s workout plan! 


  1. Dude, you have 2 dancing schools in Botafogo: Carlinhos de Jesus e Jaime Aroxa. I'd totally go to latin dance practice there. Plus, in Jaime Aroxa tehre's also a gym, if you want to get muscles and not necessarily drop weight, which you really dont need, you can lift some weight there. As I dont have many (or better, any) options here besides regular gyms, I found out about Ballet classes for adults. I'll try that after the 2nd one is born, bc it burns calories and builds muscles, on the sole expense of me giving up any sense of ridiculous and putting on a tutu. It better be worth it ;-p

  2. Capoeira! I've always had the interest in trying it-I am quite the fan of workouts that don't seem like workouts.

  3. Any chance there is an interesting bicycle loop somewhere? Up, down, around and around?

    I feel ya, babe -- if only I could motivate!

  4. How about swimming laps? For me it's the best workout perhaps because I was a competitive swimmer for years. Swimming is good all around because your whole body works out, it's low impact so little room for injury, and you leave the pool feeling much more refreshed than beforehand.

    Aside from swimming, I think that walking is the easiest and most portable form of exercise. You can do it anywhere, anytime, don't need a membership or equipment (other than comfy shoes), all you have to do is walk out your door.

    Figure on about 15 minutes per mile (less for you probably since you're tall ;-)).

    For years I walked 6 miles per day. Took about 90 minutes, and it was a great way to clear my head...and catch up on cell phone calls!

  5. This is a small day to day suggestion, but any time your sitting use a balance ball instead of a chair. It helps to strengthen your core, and although it's not going to make you lose a bunch of weight alone it might be a good add on to something else. Plus it's great for posture, I slouch in chairs and on the couch and you can't really do that on a balance ball or you tip over :)