Monday, August 16, 2010

Things that go click in the night

I have a case of the recurring clicks.  It's coming from the upstairs neighbor and happens every single night. 

Now, the fact that I'm hearing heels from up there is kind of crazy.  There are only 2 people living in that apartment, the old lady I wrote about a couple of weeks ago and her chain smoking son. 

Granny? So not possible.  She's like 300 years old!  The woman has a hard time walking in slippers and holding her bladder, you think she could do it in heels? 

Wait! I know, it was Coronal Mustard in the Library with the candle stick!

Hold your horses!  She does have a nurse.  And I was sold that the nurse stayed late and followed Tina Turner's suggestion of always wearing 3 inch heels because you'll have beautiful calfs.  It had to be.  No other explaination.

You know who I met this morning? The nurse.  You know what she was wearing? Nurse shoes, the big white, rubbery ones. The woman could scoot around like a cat in those bad boys.  

So that leaves us with one last option, though my real question is not if the son is or is not wearing heels.  He does kind of seem like a closet Manolo wearing Sex in the City watcher.  His Mother should have breastfed longer or shorter... hmmmm, which would it be? 

The question is, what do you have up there and can I borrow them?  They sound pretty damn sassy from down here!


  1. Does the old lady have a cane??

    I hope not. The son in heels story is way better.

  2. I thought of that too. She doesn't. And these are tell-tale, 2 feel spiked heel clicks. lol

  3. Do you hear Madonna music? He could be practicing his runway voguing.

  4. So could be. I think he's ready for Fashion Rio at this point

  5. Maybe the nurse puts on the heels for a special presentation for granny's son when she falls asleep. Maybe she's not a nurse at all, that's just a façade, at night her nurse clothes tend to shrink and she takes on a pole or smth to entertain her client. Bc see, if it's the son, you'd either be hearing the nurses laughs and Woo-hoos along with the clicks or she'd already have ran away from the mad house.

  6. I say middle of the night booty calls :)

  7. Good suggestion Ray. But I´m going to go with the theme and suggest a booty call from Gloria ;)