Monday, August 16, 2010

How to get rid of your extra stuff with class

I just discovered a wonderful little online group called My Freecycle on the very nice Mommy Blog The Mommyhood Memos.

Buying just about anything, short of beans, is expensive in Rio de Janeiro.  Here's Mommyhood Memos' explaination: " Freecycle is an online community of folks who want to pass on things they no longer use as well as keep the landfills from filling up unnecessarily. Members can post both “wanted” and “give-away” items, and all you need to do is race to be the first email responder."

As someone with her few tiny Carioca apartment closets full of kid stuff that is no longer being used, this site is as awesome as whole bread (not a huge fan of sliced)!  

Go check it out. I just joined the Rio de Janeiro group.  If they only knew they were about to be bombarded with baby stuff. I'll make some pregnant woman's dreams come true today!

FYI : They have groups all over the world.  Try to find one near you

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