Thursday, August 26, 2010

When the cat's away the mice will play

When the cat's away the mice will play.

That´s how I should feel with my husband gone, right?  Of course I have the kiddies but a girl can still have G-rated (possibly PG omg) fun with the kids in tow. 

So where`s my go get `em attitude?  Personally, I think it got on the plane with Daniel this afternoon.  I´m honestly choked up about him being gone for, heaven forbid, 9 whole days.  My goodness, when did I become such a drama queen. Oh wait, I always have been. Forgot for a minute.

What can I say, I miss his presence.  I´m not a clingy wife, quite the contrary.  But I miss him sitting on the couch.  I miss him filling my sink with dirty dishes.  I especially miss him asking if I´m ever going to get off the phone or computer long enough to sit and watch a movie with him, which he would normally being just about now.

It doesn´t help that my first weekend alone with the boys is looming ahead.  Weird seeing that I´ve spent a countless number of summer weeks entertaining the two little beautiful spazzes on my own. Why should a weekend bother me?

I´ve figured out the real problem.  I just adore the man and enjoy his company, even if the definition of that company is solely sharing oxygen in the same apartment. Seems to make the oxygen taste even better. Damn it, I just made myself throw up in my own mouth. 

Ok, no more wine for me and I´m turning off the Glee version of "Can´t Fight This Feeling". To explain, I enjoy the guilty pleasure of wine and old school romantic songs.  Make fun if you will but you all know there´s been at least one night you´ve blasted a little Mariah, Earth Wind and Fire, Celine, or Boyz II Men!  There, I´ve said it!  You can relax because it´s out on the table.


  1. When Luiz is away I definitely miss him immediately.

    But then I move on to indulge my secret pleasures. ;-)

  2. I'll just ditto Jim.

    My hubby travels for work, a lot. well, not as "a lot" as some of our friends, but still. And evenings alone, when he's normally helping with the kids, forget it.

    But, yes, I too will indulge in a nice, long soak in the tub just to read a trash romance and pretend I'm not in charge of the kids. I'll blast the music from the 80's/90's that we pretend not to love. I'll sip on wine, or dash a shot of cachaca into my chocolate milk (hmm, maybe that takes some's a cinnamon/clove flavored cachaca, and tastes like Christmas....).

    And the kids watch movies every night, so I can play on the computer without guilt.

    Hope the time passes quickly for you, and the weekend is not as bad as you fear.

  3. I know how hard it is! In the beginning I'm full of energy because my hubby has just left, but as the days go by, they seem to get longer and longer and more and more tiring.

    I look at it as a marathon of sorts in which I have to pace myself to make it to the end.

    I know what it feels like to count the days and then the hours and then the minutes until your loved one walks back in the door.

    I try to do the minimum to get through the day (meaning I take shortcuts if necessary) so I can conserve my energy.

    The only positive is that there's one less person to clean up after! Hardly any consolation, but it's a tiny something...

    Hang in there...Saturday night will come and you'll be so glad it's all over!