Friday, August 27, 2010

Let´s fight healthcare costs one dollar at a time

Once again,  I feel compelled to rave about the private medical system here in Rio de Janeiro. 

As I´ve mentioned before, my husband had one of his lungs spontaneously collapse on him and he spent a decent amount of time in the hospital (including the ICU).  We didn´t pay a dime!

A friend of mine from high school was in a car accident recently. Thankfully he´s a smart young man and got himself some health insurance.  Regardless, it only covers 70%.  70 % you say, not too bad, right?  Well, these kinds of things add up, especially with the price of medical care stateside. He already owes more than $15,000.  Let´s add to the occasion that the poor guy is self employed.  So, as luck would have it, he´s not only racking up bills, but also not getting paid. 

Poor guy is taking it both ways and I don´t think that´s what he ordered.

The point of this post is that some closer friends of his are reaching out and starting to raise funds for him.  Check out his site  Is Steve Still Alive?

I know the economy is tight -I think someone is pinching quarters out of my purse while I´m sleeping- but every little bit helps.  So if you got a extra couple of bucks, or find my missing quarters, let´s donate them to keeping Steve financial future out of the hands of the Man!


  1. Don't get me started.

    I hope and encourage your friends to contribute to the health care fund for your friend.

    But check it out -- Brazil is a poor country. There is not even enough money to get water to thirsty residents in the north. But they have free healthcare provided to everyone (that which it is...)

    People in car accidents here do not have to hock their house to pay for their health care.

    My husband has cancer and EVERYTHING about his care is free. The doctor appointments, the medicine he takes, the screening tests he needs, even the cost for taking the bus to and from his appointments.

    Talk to me America - where is your freedom? Freedom to die as a poor an uninsured American? Oh, well, thank you very much.

  2. And why are some Americans so afraid of Canada and our health care?

  3. What aren´t Americans afraid of when it comes to spending government money on people who aren´t already rich lol