Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 1 of Dietary Detox

Wow.  This is harder than I thought. It´s only 230pm on my first day and I already am feeling it. 

It started with my stomach feeling weird. Not bad but weird.  It´s the only way I can explain it. I told myself it was a placebo effect or the fact that I haven´t gone yet. You know, GONE yet. Apparently my 2 morning cups of coffee aid the passage of certain things. 

Then headache started. Oh the headache.  Could be the lack of coffee.  But that doesn´t explain the cravings. People, I´m craving cake like an obese pregnant woman. It´s out of control. And the kicker is, I don´t even really like cake! I´m much more of a cookie person. Mmmmm cookies. 

Seriously though, I´m craving sugar.  I´d almost make out with a horse just to get a stab at a sugar cube.  And it´s only the first day!

But it´ll get easier with time, as I adapt and my withdrawals lessen.  Or that´s what I`m telling myself. 

So I´ve found the granola foodie people a bit nutty. Pun intended.  You know, you are what you eat and your energy is being blocked by your consumption of dairy, caffeine, or crap in general. 

I mean, I never ate that bad.  Or so I thought. But should I really be noticing anything so early in the game.  If all the foodies are right and my body is a temple, my worshipers should be weary of my wrath! Something is telling me that this temple is full of crap, literally and figuratively. 

Anyway, so far so good. I´m looking forward to seeing or not seeing changes in how my body feels. Let´s see if there really is something to this whole cleansing thing.  And during low moments, like when I served my boys their oh so tasty looking meatballs, I just remind myself that when this is done, I get a pizza! 4 cheeses baby!

And now I know why I´ve been thinking about pizza, craving sugar, and have a headache.  I stumbled upon this article looking for something Real life Spirituality: Detox body and mind. She talks about the mental eating habits we have and such. I hear that. That´s why I`m in the little pickle I´m in.  I do see myself going back to normal food though, but my hopes are that it´s with a bit more adult-like responsibility.


  1. what are you detoxing from? maybe you should go off gluten for a month...

  2. As long as you don't think about Buffalo Wings, rolled tacos, In-and-Out Burgers, Ben and Jerry's or Claim Jumper's Chocolate Motherload Cake - you should be OK.

  3. Rachel,

    The headache is most likely the absence of cafeine/coffe.
    You need to hang in there for one week for you SUGAR/CARBS cravings go away.


  4. A week! I´m such a big baby! I swear, if I make it out of this alive, I´m never drinking coffee again... I´ll switch to tea.

    Ah Greg, that´s why I´m doing the cleanse before my next trip home! lol