Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pilates: Healthy or Hot?

So I have my first ever pilates class this afternoon. It´s one of those try it out and see if you like it classes the specialty gyms let you do in Rio de Janeiro. I´m excited and I have no idea why. I´ve never done pilates before. I know it is "core" training but that´s about it.

I really just hope that I don´t pass gas during class. It would be possible with all the leafy greens I´m eating. And why on Earth did I decide to eat cabbage for lunch when I knew I´d be strapped to machines later in the day. I swear, I´m a glutton for punishment.  

And you know, with this cleanse, and pilates, I´m turning into one of two things. Either a total and complete body obsessed Patricinha* (minus being rich) or an Alternative health person.

Let´s see how these 10 days roll.  If I start getting my nails done and going shopping for new closes to fit my healthier body, Patricinha it is.  If I make appointments for myself, my children, and my husband to all see an acupuncturist, then Health person wins out.

By the way, my Mother in Law would be so stoked if I turned to Chinese Medicine.  It would just make her tea boil. 

Funny thing is, both types of people happily co-inhabit Rio de Janeiro. We are a hub for the body conscious, both the superficially and the health obsessed. 

Personally, I hope to find myself somewhere in between.  I hope to live a healthier life and not depend on coffee as a jump start each morning.  I also hope to get my flat stomach back. Yes, I want a miracle that removes the extra fluidity of my stomach muscles after carrying two children.   

Can´t we have it all? I´m sure a salon providing mani pedis and colonics would do splendidly in Zona Sul. 
I can see it now. Get the shit cleaned out of your nails and yourself, all at the same time.

* Patricinha is slang for a conceited, rich, and usually very attractive woman. They normally have super tight bodies, dress nicely, and have very little to say.  The male version is a Play Boy. 


  1. You can have it all, baby -- just don't forget where you came from!

    The only respectful disagreement I have with your definition is that a Patricinha is an often "self-proclaimed" very attractive woman. Their money can blind them to their reality in some cases. -- And in most cases as they grow older and things go south.

    Also, we refer to the male version of a Patricinha as a "Mauricinho."

    Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Jim, that is a very good Patricinha point! It is self-proclaimed.